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    Things to Do with a Dog: A Very Punny Espentorial

    Espen the DogWhat can you do with your canine friends during the dog days of summer? I already shared with you my insight in how to talk to a cat. Now learn about some fun things to do with a dog with this dogged list of canine activities.

    • First go out for hot dogs.
    • Get some chili dogs for dessert.
    • Or try some delicious hush puppies.
    • Get your leftovers in a doggie bag.
    • Wash dinner down with a salty dog.
    • Do not eat too much. You might get as sick as a dog.
    • If you are one sick puppy, try the hair of the dog.
    • If it is raining cats and dogs, spend a day at the library.
    • But do not dog-ear your library books. You will end up in the dog house.
    • Avoid publicity hounds and dog-and-pony shows.
    • Getting into dogfights will take dog years off your life.
    • In this dog-eat-dog world, take some time to relax. Try yoga and the downward dog.
    • Or stop and smell the dogwood.
    • Write a doggerel.
    • Get lost in puppy love.
    • Avoid mad-dogging or putting on a dogface.
    • Go sailing with an old sea dog.
    • Go camping in a pup tent.
    • Avoid getting into a dog pile while driving.
    • Watch out for culture hounds.
    • Most important: Be the top dog, not a lap dog.
    • And if you are tired as a dog, be sure to let sleeping dogs lie.

    What other things can you do with a dog?

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