Things to Do with a Dog: A Very Punny Espentorial

Espen the DogWhat can you do with your canine friends during the dog days of summer? I already shared with you my insight in how to talk to a cat. Now learn about some fun things to do with a dog with this dogged list of canine activities.

  • First go out for hot dogs.
  • Get some chili dogs for dessert.
  • Or try some delicious hush puppies.
  • Get your leftovers in a doggie bag.
  • Wash dinner down with a salty dog.
  • Do not eat too much. You might get as sick as a dog.
  • If you are one sick puppy, try the hair of the dog.
  • If it is raining cats and dogs, spend a day at the library.
  • But do not dog-ear your library books. You will end up in the dog house.
  • Avoid publicity hounds and dog-and-pony shows.
  • Getting into dogfights will take dog years off your life.
  • In this dog-eat-dog world, take some time to relax. Try yoga and the downward dog.
  • Or stop and smell the dogwood.
  • Write a doggerel.
  • Get lost in puppy love.
  • Avoid mad-dogging or putting on a dogface.
  • Go sailing with an old sea dog.
  • Go camping in a pup tent.
  • Avoid getting into a dog pile while driving.
  • Watch out for culture hounds.
  • Most important: Be the top dog, not a lap dog.
  • And if you are tired as a dog, be sure to let sleeping dogs lie.

What other things can you do with a dog?

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Espen the Dog © 2013 Heather Johnson

Written by Espen

Espen is a Shih Tzu who lives with his parents, his human sister, his human brother, his cat sister, and his cat brother. With the help of his mother, he writes about his thoughts on pets, family life, and being a big brother to two human siblings.

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