Three Fun Activities for Preschoolers for the Color Green

Preschoolers love all things colorful. The color green is a secondary color formed by mixing the primary colors blue and yellow. Green is the color of many things in the world including plants, food, clothing, and money. Green is also my infant daughter’s favorite color. Doing the following preschool activities with green as the central theme is a fun way for preschoolers to explore this color. I am looking forward to doing all three with my daughter when she gets a little older!

Pudding Paint

Mixing together different colors of pudding is a fun snack time activity that teaches preschoolers that primary colors combine to create secondary colors. Plus, young children will love watching two colors turn into a third color!

  • Materials: vanilla instant pudding, milk, blue food coloring, yellow food coloring, two mixing bowls, two whisks, small Styrofoam bowls, plastic spoons
  • Preparation: Prepare two batches of instant pudding according to the directions on the box. Use the food coloring to dye one batch of pudding yellow and the other batch blue.
  • Instructions: Give your preschooler a small bowl and a plastic spoon. Serve your child half a serving of the blue pudding and half a serving of the yellow pudding. Instruct your child to mix the pudding together to create pudding that are various shades of green. You should talk about how primary colors like blue and yellow mix together to make secondary colors like green. Finally allow your child to eat his or her green pudding as a snack.

Green Collages

Green CollageMaking a collage is a fun way to investigate the color green that also helps develop the fine motor skills of preschoolers. Plus, making collages is a great way to reuse all of those old magazines that you have lying around.

  • Materials: old magazines and catalogs, safety scissors, green construction paper, glue sticks
  • Instructions: Give your preschooler a sheet of construction paper (or two or more!), a magazine or catalog, safety scissors, and a glue stick. Help your child find and cut out things that are green from the magazines and catalogs. Talk about what kinds of things are green. Glue the green cut outs onto the construction paper to make a green collage.

Growing Green Grass

Growing grass is a fun science activity for preschoolers that incorporates the color green. And, because I am such an avid gardener, I want to get my daughter started early. Since she already loves plants so much, I am sure that she will love growing her own grass when she is a little older.

  • Materials: grass seeds, potting soil Styrofoam cups, coffee filters, aluminum pie pans, water
  • Preparation: Punch some small holes in the bottom of the Styrofoam cups to allow for drainage. Place a coffee filter in the bottom of each cup. Fill each cup up with potting soil.
  • Instructions: Provide your preschooler with some cups of dirt. (If your child is a little older, he or she can help you fill the cups.) Help your child plant a handful of grass seeds in each cup. Have your child place the cups in the pie pans, and place the pie pans in direct sunlight. Help your child water the seeds every day until the grass grows. Talk about how grass needs dirt, sunlight, and water to grow big and green.

Preschool aged students will love exploring this color through these preschool activities with green as a theme. Let me know how your green activities turn out!

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Green Collage © 2012 Heather Johnson

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