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    Using Bamboo Velour Mini Liners from Pink Lemonade Shop During Pregnancy

    Pink Lemonade Shop Hand-Dyed Bamboo Velour Mini LinersWith pregnancy comes increased vaginal discharge. Leukorrhea, the medical term for the increased clear or white discharge during pregnancy, is a common pregnancy symptom. The increased discharge is caused by an increase in hormones and blood flow to the vagina, resulting in an increase in fluid production. Increased discharge during pregnancy also plays an important role in protecting the baby and the mother: Leukorrhea prevents nasty germs from entering the uterus through the vagina. Therefore, although sometimes a nuisance, increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy is healthy and wanted.

    To prevent leukorrhea from annoying me too much during my current pregnancy, I have been using my Pink Lemonade Shop liners and pads to protect my undies. In addition to my huge stash of minky liners, I also recently received two hand-dyed bamboo velour mini liners from PLS to review. Each liner features a top layer of bamboo velour and a bottom layer of water-resistance Windpro fleece. The bamboo velour is hand-dyed in a purple berries color.

    I already love my minky mama cloth from Pink Lemonade Shop. Now when I shop for more pads and liners, I will also select from the bamboo velour pads. Like the minky fabric, the bamboo velour is incredibly soft and comfortable against my skin. Because of the nature of bamboo fabric, the mini liners are also incredibly absorbent. When I am wearing a bamboo velour mini liner, I do not have to worry about the uncomfortable wetness of leukorrhea during pregnancy. The bamboo liners keep me feeling dry and fresh for hours! And, at just $5.25 each, the mini liners are an economical and environmentally-friendly option.

    If you too are pregnant and are looking for reusable solution to protect your panties from increased vaginal discharge, I highly recommend the hand-dyed bamboo velour mini liners from Pink Lemonade Shop. PLS also offers bamboo velour pads in larger sizes to last you during postpartum bleeding and during your regular periods. Each mini liner retails for just $5.25, offering you a budget-friendly option during your pregnancy and beyond. My PLS hand-dyed bamboo velour mini liners have definitely made my pregnancy much more comfortable!

    For more information, check out my full Pink Lemonade Mama Cloth Review. For more information or to make a purchase, check out the Pink Lemonade Shop website. You can also follow Pink Lemonade on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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