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Using Noun Clauses as Prepositional Complements


Using Noun Clauses as Prepositional Complements

A clause is a grammatical structure that consists of a subject and a predicate. A dependent or subordinate clause is a clause that cannot function independently as a complete sentence but that must appear with another independent or main clause. A noun clause is a type of dependent clause that performs a nominal function.

In grammar, a prepositional complement is a word, phrase, or clause that directly follows a preposition and completes the meaning of the prepositional phrase. In addition to nouns and pronouns, noun clauses also perform the grammatical function of prepositional complement. Examples of noun clauses as prepositional complements include the following:

  • Her parents will think about that she wants a new car as her graduation gift.
  • My husband did not think about that I wanted some new flannel sheets for Christmas.
  • We will focus the investigation on whomever you identify as the suspect.
  • Some people blindly believe in whatever organized religion says.
  • The professor listened to what the students said happened.
  • She has been waiting for whoever will pick her up from the mall.
  • My dogs are always begging for me to give them treats.
  • Do the neighbors often ask for you to babysit their kids?

Noun Clause as Prepositional Complement

Noun Clause as Prepositional Complement Grammar Tree



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