Week 14 of Pregnancy: Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

Your baby is now the size of a lemon, measuring about three and a half (3.5) inches from crown to rump and weighing approximately one and a half (1.5) ounces. You are in your fourth month of pregnancy.

Your Baby

Ultrasound of 14 Week Fetus
Ultrasound of 14 Week Fetus

During week 14 of pregnancy, your baby’s body continues to grow proportionally faster in an effort to catch up with the size of the head. The arms have also grown in length and are now proportional to the rest of the body. (The legs will catch up in proportion soon.) Your baby can now grasp with his or her hands including holding on to the umbilical cord. Unique fingerprints have also finished forming on the ends of the fingers. Hair is beginning to grow on the scalp, and tiny eyebrows begin to sprout above the eyes, which are almost completely in place on the front of the face above the nose. Your baby continues to respond to external stimuli, so go ahead and talk, read, or sing to your little one. You can also gently touch your abdomen. You may not feel the movements yet, but your baby will respond to your touch by wiggling around.

4-D Ultrasound of 14 Week Fetus
4-D Ultrasound of 14 Week Fetus

Inside your baby’s body, the kidneys continue to produce urine that gets excreted into the amniotic fluid. The intestines also begin to produce meconium, which is comprised of the intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, bile, and water that your baby produces and swallows. The liver begins producing bile, and the spleen begins producing red blood cells. The palate, or roof of the mouth, has finished developing. Finally, increased brain activity causes your baby to make myriad facial expressions as contract and relax.

Your Body

During week 14 of pregnancy, your morning sickness has most likely abated, although some women continue to feel nauseated for a while longer. Instead, the nausea has been replaced by heartburn, indigestion, and, (excuse me) flatulence, which are all caused by the uterus pressing on your stomach. Also as your uterus continues to grow and expand, you may begin to notice achiness or soreness in your sides, which is a result of your muscles and ligaments stretching out. You should feel like tired this week and may even experience a renewed burst of energy. You may also be sporting a baby bump and will soon need to invest in some maternity clothes. Other symptoms during week 14 of pregnancy include a decreased need to urinate frequently, continued breast growth but decreased tenderness, leukorrhea, varicose veins, and nasal congestion.

Baby Is the Size of a Lemon
During Week 14 of Pregnancy

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Ultrasound of 14 Week Fetus:
4-D Ultrasound of 14 Week Fetus:

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