Week 23 of Pregnancy: Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

Your baby is now the size of a large mango in weight, measuring about eight (8) inches from crown to rump (or eleven [11] inches from head to heel) and weighing about one (1) pound. You are in your sixth month of pregnancy.

Your Baby

Ultrasound of 23 Week Fetus
Ultrasound of 23 Week Fetus

Week 23 of pregnancy marks the earliest that your baby is viable, meaning that, if born now, although extremely premature, your baby would have a 25% to 35% chance of surviving. Your baby is now big enough in size for you to see fetal movements on your abdomen. Many expectant parents get quite the kick out of seeing baby kick for the first time. Your baby will continue to respond to sounds from outside the womb. In fact, studies show that babies who hear loud external noises such as dogs barking and household appliances in utero are less likely to be startled or bothered by those sounds after birth. Your baby will also be comforted by certain familiar sounds such as your voice once he or she is born.

During week 23 of pregnancy, your baby continues to pack on the pounds as layers of fat continue to develop beneath the skin. Your baby is now looking a lot less wrinkly, and the skin is less transparent, although the organs and bones are still somewhat visible under the skin, which has a reddish hue due to developing veins and arteries. All of the internal systems are in place and will continue to mature over the next few weeks. Blood vessels in the lungs are developing in preparation for breathing. The vestibular system, which controls the area of the brain that is responsible for sensing movement and balance, is active and sensing all of your movements. You may notice that your baby follows a schedule, more active at night and less active during the day.

Your Body

Baby Bump at 23 Weeks
Baby Bump at 23 Weeks

By the end of week 23 of pregnancy, you should have gained between twelve and fifteen pounds. You should continue to gain one to two pounds each week until you give birth for a total weight gain of twenty-five to thirty-five pounds. Your baby bump is unmistakable now, and you may have swelling elsewhere such as your legs, ankles, feet, and hands. However, if you notice unusual or sudden swelling, contact your health care provider as extreme swelling can be a sign of a life-threatening condition known as pre-eclampsia. Your belly button may be protruding from your stomach, and you may notice a dark line extending from your belly button to your pelvic bone, which is known as linea negra. Other symptoms during week 23 of pregnancy include skin changes, a hearty appetite, snoring, nasal congestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation, heartburn, indigestion, and forgetfulness.

Baby Is the Size of a Mango
During Week 23 of Pregnancy

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