Week 25 of Pregnancy: Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

Your baby is now the size of a rutabaga in weight, measuring between eight and a half (8.5) and nine (9) inches from crown to rump (or thirteen and a half [13.5] inches from head to heel) and weighing one and a half pounds. You are in your sixth month of pregnancy.

Your Baby

Respiratory System
Respiratory System

During week 24 of pregnancy, your baby is looking more and more like a tiny newborn. The skin is becoming opaque instead of translucent. Layers of fat continue to deposit beneath the skin, which is still fairly wrinkled. Capillaries are also forming and filling with blood under the skin. More hair, which is developing its texture and color, is growing on your baby’s head. The vocal cords continue to mature in preparation for your baby’s first cries. The reproductive organs are fully formed, and, if your baby is a boy, his testes have descended into the scrotum. The heartbeat can be heard through a fetoscope or even by resting an ear against your abdomen.

The biggest news during week 25 of pregnancy is that your baby’s respiratory system continues to develop at an incredible pace. The nostrils, which were plugged up until now, begin to open up in preparation for breathing. The lungs are developing rapidly and can breathe with assistance outside the womb. If born during week 25 of pregnancy, your baby is extremely premature but has a 50% to 70% chance of survival. The air sacs, which are lined with capillaries, develop in the lungs, which continue to produce surfactant in preparation for your baby’s first breath.

Your Body

Baby Bump at 25 Weeks
Baby Bump at 25 Weeks

During week 25 of pregnancy, you may notice that your hair is thicker and fuller than usual. Unfortunately for your new luscious locks, the extra hair that you have been retaining while pregnant will fall out after you give birth. Increased blood flow to the groin and pelvic area may cause hemorrhoids, which are dilated blood vessels in the rectum that may cause pain and itchiness. More than half of all pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids. Some expectant mothers suffer from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), which is severe pain in the pelvic region caused by relaxed and stretchy ligaments that normally keep your pelvic joint aligned.

You may also experience leg cramps or pain, which are caused by changes in your circulation, pressure on nerves and blood vessels, even remaining in the same position for too long. You may begin experiencing tingling in the hands or restless legs syndrome (RLS). Restless legs are especially common among women suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Your abdomen may start becoming itchier than usual around week 25 of pregnancy as the skin stretches to accommodate your growing baby. You may also need to make more frequent trips to the bathroom as your uterus and baby begin pushing on your bladder again. Other symptoms during week 25 of pregnancy include snoring, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, varicose veins, and stretch marks.

Baby Is the Size of a Rutabaga
During Week 25 of Pregnancy

Learn about your baby during week 24 of pregnancy or week 26 of pregnancy.

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