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    Week 32 of Pregnancy: Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar

    Your baby is now the size of a jicama in weight, measuring between seventeen and a half (17.5) and eighteen and a half (18.5) inches from head to heel and weighing about three and three-fourths (3.75) pounds. You are in your eighth month of pregnancy.

    Your Baby

    Ultrasound of 32 Week Fetus

    Ultrasound of 32 Week Fetus

    During week 32 of pregnancy, your baby continues to ready for life outside the womb. The skin becomes soft, smooth, and opaque as fat continues to accumulate under the skin. Between now and birth, your baby will gain about a half a pound each week. Most babies will begin (or finish) moving into the head down position in preparation for birth, although some more stubborn babies will continue to flip flop up and down right up through labor. Do not worry if your baby is breach right now because he or she still has plenty of time to move into position. Your baby very likely has a daily routine of sleeping and waking by week 32 of pregnancy that will often continue during the first few weeks of life. Your baby also practices survival skills such as sucking, swallowing, breathing, and blinking that will be essential for life after birth.

    Your Body

    Baby Bump at 32 Weeks

    Baby Bump at 32 Weeks

    Although many women do not lactate until after giving birth, some expectant mothers begin leaking colostrum around week 32 of pregnancy. Colostrum is a sticky, yellowish breast milk that is packed full of the protein and antibodies that your newborn will need immediately after birth and until your breasts begin producing mature breast milk. However, if you do not begin leaking during pregnancy, do not worry: You will still be able to breastfeed after your baby is born. Your breasts may also be larger, fuller, or tenderer as your body prepares to produce milk for your baby. Your blood volume has increased by 40% to 50%, so the rest of your body may be more swollen than usual as well.

    During week 32 of pregnancy, you may begin visiting your health care provider every two weeks instead of once of month. You may begin noticing more leukorrhea, or vaginal discharge, as your body prepares for labor and birth. However, contact your health care provider if the discharge is noticeably different in amount, texture, color, or odor as a significant change in leukorrhea can signal premature labor. Back aches are also common during the third trimester, but, again, contact your health care provider if you begin having sudden or severe back pain, especially if you were not suffering from back aches previously. Other symptoms during week 32 of pregnancy include Braxton Hicks contractions, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, constipation, loose joints, leg cramps, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, faintness, dizziness, and dry or itchy abdominal skin.


    Baby Is the Size of a Jicama
    During Week 32 of Pregnancy

    Learn about your baby during week 31 of pregnancy or week 33 of pregnancy.

    Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not meant to replace the professional medical advice of your health care provider.


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    Ultrasound of 32 Week Fetus:
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