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    Week One of the Click, Color, Capture Photography Challenge: Red

    Click, Color, Capture Photography ChallengeThe Click, Color, Capture Photography Challenge hosted by East9thStreet, A Helicopter Mom, Nap Time Is My Time, and Sunshine and Sippy Cups challenges photographers and bloggers to improve their photography skills while still having fun. Each week for ten weeks, the challenge prompts participants with a color to photograph. I have decided to join in on this challenge. The color for the first week is red.

    I am not a professional photographer by any means. However, when I was sitting on my couch trying to think of something spectacular to photograph for the first week of the Click, Color, Capture Photography Challenge while I was pumping my morning bag of breast milk, I realized that I was staring right at my opportunity. On the floor in front of me was my pair of red slippers. I realized just how beautiful the red of my footwear looked against the beige and brown of my living room carpet and glider. Here is my red photograph:

    Red Slippers in a Beige Room

    Feel free to join in on the Click, Color, Capture Photograph Challenge. Other bloggers such as East9thStreetA Helicopter MomNap Time Is My Time, and Sunshine and Sippy Cups as well as myself will be posting a new colorful photo each week. Happy clicking!

    Image Credits

    Red Slippers in a Beige Room © 2012 Heather Johnson

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