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    ‘What’s Up, Duck?: A Book of Opposites’ Book Review

    My daughter and I love the Duck & Goose books by Tad Hills. As a duck aficionado, my daughter loves pointing out all the ducks (and the goose, which she also calls a duck [close enough!]) in the series of books. I love the adorable characters and the whimsical illustrations.

    What’s Up, Duck?: A Book of Opposites by Tad Hills is another Duck & Goose board book for emerging readers. Unlike some of the other titles in the series, What’s Up, Duck? is primarily a picture book that teaches vocabulary. Each page features a single word and an illustration to illustrate the word. Each set of pages teaches an opposite: front versus back, loud versus quiet, happy versus sad.

    Featuring Duck and Goose as well as Thistle (another duck) and the bluebird, What’s Up, Duck? is a great little board book for toddlers, preschoolers, and emerging readers. The opposite words are common words that all young children will learn easily.

    Additionally, the whimsical illustrations perfectly illustrate each word, helping teach young readers about the words. For example, the slow versus past pages show Duck walking slowly and Thistle dashing off quickly. The pictures are also quite fun and interesting to look at. My daughter enjoyed pointing out all the little details on each page.

    Cover of What's Up, Duck: A Book of Opposites Inside Pages of What's Up, Duck: A Book of Opposites

    Final Verdict: If you are looking for a book to teach about opposites, I highly recommend What’s Up, Duck?: A Book of Opposite by Tad Hills. You cannot go wrong with any of the Duck & Goose books, and What’s Up, Duck? is no exception. My daughter and I give this book four enthusiastic thumbs up!

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    Cover of What’s Up, Duck: A Book of Opposites © 2013 Heather Johnson
    Inside Pages of What’s Up, Duck: A Book of Opposites © 2013 Heather Johnson

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