Woman Opts for 75-Day Labor to Save Twins

Prenatal Pregnancy CareWhile a long labor might sound painful to most women, they can rest assured that their labor likely will not last as long as for Joanna Krzysztonek.

The Polish woman chose to lay almost completely upside down while in labor for 75 days after she lost one of her triplets to medical complications.

Doctors decided that Joanna’s best chance at saving her babies lives would be to slow contractions, which they did through a vertical position and constant medical attention.

After her babies were born and healthy, Krzysztonek told Reuters:

“I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully.”

Daughter Iga and son Ignacy are expected to leave the hospital soon after a 75-day labor.

As a doctor at the hospital stated:

“This procedure—I mean giving birth—has a beginning and an ending. If the first baby was born, that means the birth had started.”


Polish woman saves babies with 75 days in labor:

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Prenatal Pregnancy Care:

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