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Word Matrix: Aqu

Aqu Word Matrix

“water” from Latin aqua “water, the sea, rain”

Word Sums

Aqu + a -> aqua
Aqu + a + s -> aquas
Aqu + ate + ic -> aquatic
Aqu + ate + ic + s -> aquatics
Aqu + ate + ic + al + ly -> aquatically
Aqu + a + Mare + ine -> aquamarine
Aqu + a + Mare + ine + s -> aquamarines
Aqu + a + Naut -> aquanaut
Aqu + a + Naut + s -> aquanauts
Aqu + a + Lung -> aqualung
Aqu + a + Lung + s -> aqualungs
Aqu + a + Lung + ed -> aqualunged
Aqu + a + Lung + ing -> aqualunging
Aqu + a + cade -> aquacade
Aqu + a + cade + s -> aquacades
Aqu + a + Tint -> aquatint
Aqu + a + Tint + s -> aquatints
Aqu + a + Tint + ed -> aquatinted
Aqu + a + Tint + ing -> aquatinting
Aqu + a + Tint + ist -> aquatintist
Aqu + a + Tint + ist + s -> aquatintists
Aqu + a + Tone -> aquatone
Aqu + a + Tone + s -> aquatones
Aqu + a + Past + o -> aquapasto
Aqu + a + Past + o + s -> aquapastos
Aqu + e + ous -> aqueous
Aqu + e + Duct -> aqueduct
Aqu + e + Duct + s -> aqueducts
Aqu + a + Duct -> aquaduct
Aqu + a + Duct + s -> aquaducts
Aqu + e + Duct + al -> aqueductal
Aqu + i + Fer -> aquifer
Aqu + i + Fer + s -> aquifers
Aqu + i + Tard -> aquitard
Aqu + i + Tard + s -> aquitards
Aqu + i + Clude -> aquiclude
Aqu + i + Clude + s -> aquicludes
Aqu + i + Fuge -> aquifuge
Aqu + i + Fuge + s -> aquifuges
Aqu + ar + i + um -> aquarium
Aqu + ar + i + um + s -> aquariums
Aqu + ar + ist -> aquarist
Aqu + ar + ist + s -> aquarists
Aqu + ar + i + us -> aquarius
Aqu + ar + i + us + s -> aquariuses
Aqu + ar + i + i -> aquarii
Aqu + ar + i + al -> aquarial
Aqu + ar + i + an -> aquarian
Aqu + a + Cult + ure -> aquaculture
Aqu + a + Cult + ure + s -> aquacultures
Aqu + a + Cult + ure + ist-> aquaculturist
Aqu + a + Cult + ure + ist + s -> aquaculturists
Aqu + a + Farm -> aquafarm
Aqu + a + Farm + s -> aquafarms
Aqu + a + Farm + ed -> aquafarmed
Aqu + a + Farm + ing -> aquafarming
Aqu + a + Farm + er -> aquafarmer
Aqu + a + Farm + er + s -> aquafarmers
Aqu + a + Crop -> aquacrop
Aqu + a + Crop + s -> aquacrops
Aqu + a + Plan -> aquaplan
Aqu + a + Plan + s -> aquaplans
Aqu + a + Plan + ed -> aquaplanned
Aqu + a + Plan + ing -> aquaplanning
Aqu + a + Plan + er -> aquaplanner
Aqu + a + Plan + er + s -> aquaplanners
Aqu + a + Plane -> aquaplane
Aqu + a + Plane + s -> aquaplanes
Aqu + a + Plane + ed -> aquaplaned
Aqu + a + Plane + ing -> aquaplaning
Aqu + a + Bib -> aquabib
Aqu + a + Bib + s -> aquabibs
Aqu + a + Vit -> aquavit
Aqu + a + Vit + s -> aquavits
Aqu + a + Cise -> aquacise
Aqu + a + Cise + s -> aquacises
Aqu + a + Cise + ed -> aquacised
Aqu + a + Cise + ing -> aquacising
Aqu + a + Cise + er -> aquaciser
Aqu + a + Cise + er + s -> aquacisers
Aqu + Aer + o + B + ic + s -> aquaerobics
Aqu + a + Gym -> aquagym
Aqu + a + Dyname + ic -> aquadynamic
Aqu + a + Phobe -> aquaphobe
Aqu + a + Phobe + s -> aquaphobes
Aqu + a + Phobe +ia -> aquaphobia
Aqu + a + Phobe +ia + s -> aquaphobias
Aqu + a + Phobe +ic -> aquaphobic
sub + Aqu + a -> subaqua
sub + Aqu + ate + ic -> subaquatic
sub + Aqu + ate + ic + s -> subaquatics
sub + Aqu + e + ous -> subaqueous
sub + Aqu + e + ous + ly -> subaqueously
sem + i + Aqu + ate + ic -> semiaquatic
non + Aqu + ate + ic -> nonaquatic
Pseud + o + Aqu + ate + ic -> pseudoaquatic
Meth + Aqu + al + one-> methaqualone
Meth + Aqu + al + one + s -> methaqualones


aqu: water
-s: forming plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb

-a: word-forming element in names of countries, diseases, animals, and plants [adopted unchanged from Classical Latin and Greek]
aer: air
-al: relating to, of the kind of, of or pertaining to
-al: forms the names of aldehydes
-an: of or pertaining to
-ar: forming an adjective denoting of, near, or pertaining to
-ate: word-forming element used in forming nouns
b: life
bib: drink
cade: procession
cise: physical activity
clude: shut, close
crop: plant grown for an economic purpose
cult: care, upkeep, field
duct: course, direction, conduit, channel, vessel
dyname: power
-e-: connecting vowel
farm: cultivated land
fer: bear, carry, produce
fuge: flee
gym: place of exercise, from gymnasium, from gymnos, literally “to train nakedly”
-i: Latin genitive suffix
-ic: forming an adjective that denotes relating to
-ine: forming an adjective meaning belonging to or resembling in nature
-ist: ‪word-forming element meaning “one who does or makes”‬
lung: human or animal respiratory organ
-ly: denoting manner or degree
mare: sea
meth: univalent hydrocarbon radical, from Greek methy “wine”
naut: voyager, farer, tripper
non-: expressing negation or absence, not
-o: Italian noun ending
-one: any similar compound containing a carbonyl functional group
-ous: characterized by, of the nature of
past: feed, nourish, maintain, support
phobe: fear
plan: plane surface; scheme, design
plane: flat surface
pseud: false, feigned, erroneous, in appearance only, resembling
sem-: half, part, partly, partial, imperfect, twice
sub-: under, beneath; lower, less, under; almost, nearly
tard: slow, sluggish; late
tint: color, dye, hue
tone: stretch, tighten; sound
-um: a place
-ure: suffix forming abstract nouns of action
-us: suffix forming adjectives
vit: life, spirit

aqua: (noun) water, light bluish-green color
aquas: plural of aqua
aquatic: (adjective) relating to water
aquatics: plural of aquatic used collectively to mean “water sports”
aquatically: (adverb) in an aquatic style or manner
aquamarine: (noun, adjective) a light bluish-green color like sea water
aquamarines: plural of aquamarine
aquanaut: (noun) underwater explorer
aquanauts: plural of aquanaut
aqualung: (noun) piece of equipment consisting of an oxygen tank and breathing apparatus used by divers to allow for breathing underwater at depth, (verb) to scuba dive
aqualungs: plural of aqualung, third person singular of aqualung
aqualunged: simple past and past participle of aqualung
aqualunging: present participle of aqualung
aquacade: (noun) entertainment consisting of swimmers and divers performing to music
aquacades: plural of aquacade
aquatint: (noun) print resembling a watercolour, (verb) to produce a print using the aquatint technique or process
aquatints: plural of aquatint, third person singular of aquatint
aquatinted: simple past and past participle of aquatint
aquatinting: present participle of aquatint
aquatintist: (noun) artist who makes aquatints
aquatintists: plural of aquatintist
aquatone: (noun) offset printing method utilizing a gelatin-coated zinc plate hardened and sensitized to print type, line illustrations, and fine-screen halftones; print produced through aquatone
aquatones: plural of aquatone
aquapasto: (noun) viscous thickening medium made of gum arabic and silica that is used to give an impasto effect to watercolour and gouache paintings
aquapastos: plural of aquapasto
aqueous: (adjective) consisting mostly of water
aqueduct: artificial channel for conveying water, small duct in the body containing fluid [literally “channel for water”]
aqueducts: plural of aqueduct
aquaduct: variation of aqueduct (misspelling)
aquaducts: plural of aquaduct (misspelling)
aqueductal: (adjective) relating to the cerebral aqueduct
aquifer: (noun) body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater [literally “water-bearer”]
aquifers: plural of aquifer
aquitard: (noun) geologic formation or stratum that lies adjacent to an aquifer and that allows only a small amount of liquid to pass
aquitards: plural of aquitard
aquiclude: (noun) geologic formation or stratum that confines water in an adjacent aquifer
aquicludes: plural of aquiclude
aquifuge: variation of aquiclude
aquifuges: plural of aquifuge
aquarium: (noun) tank of water or building of tanks in which aquatic animals and plants live
aquariums: plural of aquarium
aquarist: (noun) person who keeps an aquarium
aquarists: plural of aquarist
aquarius: (noun) large constellation (the Water Carrier or Water Bearer) that represents a man pouring water from a jar, eleventh sign of the zodiac, person born when the sun is in the sign of Aquarius
aquariuses: plural of aquarius
aquarii: genitive of aquarius used with preceding letter or numeral to designate a star in the constellation aquarius
aquarial: (adjective) variation of aquarian
aquarian: (adjective) of or relating to an aquarium
aquaculture: (noun) cultivation of aquatic produce, water agricultural
aquacultures: plural of aquaculture
aquaculturist: (noun) person involved in aquaculture
aquaculturists: plural of aquaculturist
aquafarm: (noun) location at which aquaculture occurs, (verb) to work on an aquafarm
aquafarms: plural of aquafarm, third person singular of aquafarm
aquafarmed: simple past and past participle of aquafarm
aquafarming: present participle of aquafarm
aquafarmer: (noun) variation of aquaculturist
aquafarmers: plural of aquafarmer
aquacrop: (noun) aquatic plants grown during aquafarming
aquacrops: plural of aquacrop
aquaplan: (noun) design for an aquatic activity such as aquaculture
aquaplans: plural of aquaplan, third person singular of aquaplan
aquaplanned: simple past and past participle of aquaplan
aquaplanning: present participle of aquaplan
aquaplanner: (noun) person who creates aquaplans
aquaplanners: plural of aquaplanner
aquaplane: (noun) board ridden by a standing person and pulled by a boat, (verb) variation of hydroplane; when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs
aquaplanes: plural of aquaplane, third person singular of aquaplane
aquaplaned: simple past and past participle of aquaplane
aquaplaning: present participle of aquaplane
aquabib: (noun) one who does not consume alcohol, teetotaler
aquabibs: plural of aquabib
aquavit: (noun) alcoholic spirit made from potatoes or other starchy plants
aquavits: plural of aquavit
aquacise: (noun) exercise practiced in water mostly vertically and without swimming, (verb) to practice exercise in water
aquacises: plural of aquacise, third person singular of aquacise
aquacised: simple past and past participle of aquacise
aquacising: present participle of aquacise
aquaciser: (noun) one who aquacises
aquacisers: plural of aquaciser
aquaerobics: (noun) water aerobics, exercise designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness performed in water
aquadynamic: (adjective) having a shape that reduces drag when moving through water
aquagym: (noun) variation of aquaerobics
aquaphobe: (noun) one that fears water
aquaphobes: plural of aquaphobe
aquaphobia: (noun) fear of water
aquaphobias: plural of aquaphobia
aquaphobic: (adjective) relating to the fear of water
subaqua:(adjective) underwater
subaquatic: (adjective) located or living under water, submarine
subaquatics: (noun) underwater diving
subaqueous: (adjective) under water
subaqueously: (adverb) in a subaqueous way or manner
semiaquatic: (adjective) living partly on land and partly in water, growing in very wet or waterlogged ground
nonaquatic: (adjective) not relating to water
pseudoaquatic: (adjective) growing in moist or wet places but not truly aquatic
methaqualone: (noun) sedative drug that has effects similar to barbiturates
methaqualones: plural of methaqualone


aquabis: (adjective) containing two molecules of water [blend of aqua and prefix bis-]
aquarobics: blend of aqua and aerobics
aquarelle: drawing usually in transparent watercolor [from obsolete Italian acquarella]
aquarellist: one who creates aquarelles
Aquitaine: historical region of southwestern France whose capital was Toulouse

See also Word Matrix: Mare.

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