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Word Matrix: Beer

Beer Word Matrix

“an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops” from Old English bēor,
of West Germanic origin, based on monastic Latin biber “a drink,” from Latin bibere “to drink”

Words Sums

Beer + s -> beers
Beer + ed -> beered
Beer + ing -> beering
Beer + y -> beery
Beer + y + er -> beerier
Beer + y + est -> beeriest
Beer + y + ness -> beeriness
Beer + y + ness + s -> beerinesses
Beer + y + ly -> beerily
Beer + ish -> beerish
Beer + less -> beerless
Beer + less + ness -> beerlessness
Beer + Bust -> beer-bust
Beer + Bust + s -> beer-busts
Beer + ed + Up -> beered-up
Beer + Stone -> beerstone
Beer + Belly + ed -> beer-bellied
Beer + Man -> beerman
Beer + Men -> beermen
non + Beer -> non-beer


beer: (noun) an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops
beer: (verb) to give a beer to someone
-s: forming plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb
-er: forming comparative of adjective
-est: forming superlative of adjective

-y: full of, having the quality of
-ness: denoting a state or condition
-ly: denoting manner or degree
-ish: having the qualities or characteristics of
-less: not having, free from
non-: expressing negation or absence

bust: (noun) large party
up: p-word in phrasal verb construction
stone: (noun) hard solid non-metallic mineral matter of which rock is made
belly: (noun) stomach
man: (noun) male person [singular]
men: (noun) male people [plural]

beers: plural of beer, third person singular of beer
beered: simple past and past participle of beer
beering: present participle of beer
beery: (adjective) full of or having the quality of beer
beerier: comparative form of beery
beeriest: superlative form of beery
beeriness: (noun) state of being full of or having the quality of beer
beerinesses: plural of beeriness
beerily: (adverb) in a beery manner
beerish: (adjective) having the qualities or characteristics of beer
beerless: (adjective) not having or free from beer
beerlessness: (noun) state of being without beer
beer-bust: (noun) large party at which beer is consumed
beer-busts: plural of beer-bust
beered-up: (adjective) intoxicated on beer, drunk
beerstone: (noun) grayish-brown scale composed of calcium oxalate and organic substances forming on the inside surfaces of a brewing apparatus
beer-bellied: (adjective) having excess fat stored in the abdomen attributed to the consumption of beer
beerman: (noun) male who enjoys drinking a vast quantity of beer at any occasion available
beermen: plural of beerman
non-beer: (adjective) not or without beer

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