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Word Matrix: Hume

Hume Word Matrix

from Old French humide, umide “damp, wet” or directly from Latin humidus “moist, wet,”
variant (probably by influence of humus “earth”) of umidus, from umere “be moist, be wet”

Word Sums

Hume + id = humid
Hume + id + er = humider
Hume + id + est = humidest
Hume + id + ity = humidity
Hume + id + ity + es = humidities
Hume + id + i + Fy = humidify
Hume + id + i + Fy + es = humidifies
Hume + id + i + Fy + ed = humidified
Hume + id + i + Fy + ing = humidifying
Hume + id + i + Fy + er = humidifier
Hume + id + i + Fice + ate + ion = humidification
Hume + id + i + Stat = humidistat
Hume + id + i + Stat + s = humidistats
Hume + id + ex = humidex
Hume + id + ex + es = humidexes
Hume + id + i + Crib = humidicrib
Hume + id + i + Crib + s = humidicribs
Hume + id + or = humidor
Hume + id + or + s = humidors
Hume + id + ness = humidness
Hume + id + ly = humidly
sub + Hume + id = subhumid

de + Hume + id + i + Fy = dehumidify
de + Hume + id + i + Fy + es = dehumidifies
de + Hume + id + i + Fy + ed = dehumidified
de + Hume + id + i + Fy + ing = dehumidifying
de + Hume + id + i + Fy + er = dehumidifier
de + Hume + id + i + Fice + ate + ion = dehumidification

re + Hume + id + i + Fy = rehumidify
re + Hume + id + i + Fy + es = rehumidifies
re + Hume + id + i + Fy + ed = rehumidified
re + Hume + id + i + Fy + ing = rehumidifying
re + Hume + id + i + Fice + ate + ion = rehumidification

Hume + or = humor
Hume + or + s= humors
Hume + or + ed = humored
Hume + or + ing = humoring
Hume + or + ist = humorist
Hume + or + ist + s = humorists
Hume + or + ist + ic = humoristic
Hume + or + ism = humorism
Hume + or + ic = humoric
Hume + or + ous = humorous
Hume + or + ous + ly = humorously
Hume + or + al = humoral
Hume + or + al + ist = humoralist
Hume + or + al + ist + ic = humoralistic
Hume + or + al + ism = humoralism
Hume + or + less = humorless
Hume + or + less + ly = humorlessly

out + Hume + or = outhumor
out + Hume + or + s = outhumors
out + Hume + or + ed = outhumored
out + Hume + or + ing = outhumoring

Neur + o + Hume + or = neurohumor
Neur + o + Hume + or + s = neurohumors
Neur + o + Hume + or + al = neurohumoral


hume: moist, wet
-er: forming comparative of adjective
-est: forming superlative of adjective
-s: forming  plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb

-id: forming adjective [from French -ide, from Latin -idus]
-i-: connecting vowel
-ty: forming noun denoting quality or condition [from French -ité, from Latin -itas, -itatis]
-fy: forming verb denoting making or producing [from French -fier, from Latin -ficare, -facere, from facere “do, make”]
-er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
-fice: making, creating [from French -fique or Latin -ficus from facere “do, make”]
-ate: word-forming element used in forming nouns from Latin words ending in -atus, -atum
-ion: denoting state, condition, or action
-stat: denoting a thing that maintains a controlled state
-ex: from index, meaning an indicator
crib: (noun) bed for a baby
-or: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
-ness: denoting a state or condition
-ly: denoting manner or degree
sub-: lower, less
de-: denoting removal or reversal
re-: once again
-or: denoting a state or quality [from Latin, sometimes via Old French -or, -ur]
-ist: forming a personal noun denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs, principles, etc. expressed by a noun ending in -ism [from Old French -iste, Latin -ista, from Greek -istēs]
-ic: forming adjective denoting pertaining to [from French -ique, Latin -icus, or Greek -ikos]
-ism: forming a noun denoting a system, principle, or ideological movement; an action or its result; a state or quality [from French -isme, via Latin from Greek -ismos, -isma]
-ous: characterized by, of the nature of [from Anglo-Norman French, or Old French -eus, from Latin -osus]
-al: relating to, of the kind of [from French -el or Latin -alis; -al]
-less: not having, free from [Old English -lēas, from lēas “devoid of”]
out-: to the point of surpassing or exceeding
neur: relating to nerves or the nervous system [from Greek neuron “nerve, sinew, tendon”]
-o-: connecting vowel

humid: (adjective) moist, wet
humider: comparative form of humid
humidest: superlative form of humid
humidity: (noun) state or quality of being humid
humidities: plural of humidity {consonant + y = change y to i and add es)
humidify: (verb) make humid
humidifies: third person singular of humidify
humidified: simple past and past participle of humidify {consonant + y = change y to i and add ed}
humidifying: present participle of humidify
humidifier: (noun) thing that makes humidity
humidifiers: plural of humidifier
humidification: (noun) process of becoming humid
humidistat: (noun) thing that maintains humidity
humidistats: plural of humidistats
humidex: (noun) indicator of humidity
humidexes: plural of humidex {x, add es}
humidicrib: (noun) incubator for newborn babies that regulates temperature and humidity {anaptyxis between base and -crib suffix}
humidicribs: plural of humidicrib
humidor: (noun) thing that maintains humidity for cigars, patterned on cuspidor
humidors: plural of humidor
humidness: (noun) state of humidity
humidly: (adverb) in a humid manner
subhumid: (adjective) somewhat humid, specifically designating a warm moist climate which supports grassland or prairie vegetation

dehumidify: (verb) remove humid {anaptyxis between base and -fy suffix}
dehumidifies: third person singular of dehumidify
dehumidified: simple past and past participle of dehumidify {consonant + y = change y to i and add ed}
dehumidifying: present participle of dehumidify
dehumidifier: (noun) thing that removes humidity
dehumidifier: plural of dehumidifier
dehumidification: (noun) process of becoming not humid

rehumidify: (verb) make once again humid
rehumidifies: third person singular of rehumidify
rehumidified: simple past and past participle of rehumidify {consonant + y = change y to i and add ed}
rehumidifying: present participle of rehumidify
rehumidification: (noun) process of becoming once again humid

humor: (noun) quality of being amusing or comic, mood or state of mind [original sense was “bodily fluid,” used specifically for any of the cardinal humors]
humor: (verb) comply with the wishes of (someone) in order to keep them content regardless of unreasonableness of such wishes
humors: (verb) third person singular of humor
humored: (verb) simple past and past participle of humor
humoring: (verb) present participle of humor

humorist: (noun) humorous writer, performer, or artist
humorists: (noun) plural of humorist
humoristic: (adjective) pertaining to a humorist
humorism: (noun) theory that health, disease, and temperament are determined by the four humours of the body or by bodily fluids generally (obscure), humorous style or manner.
humoric: (adjective) pertaining to humor or humors
humorous: (adjective) causing laughter and amusement, having or showing a sense of humor
humorously: (adverb) in a humorous manner
humoral: (adjective) relating to the four bodily humors
humoralist: (noun) a person who believes in humoralism
humoralists: (noun) plural of humoralist
humoralistic: (adjective) of, relating to, or characteristic of a humoralist or humoralism
humoralism: (noun) theory that health, disease, and temperament are determined by the four humours of the body or by bodily fluids generally (obscure)
humorless: (adjective) lacking humor
humorlessly: (adverb) in a manner lacking humor

outhumor: (verb) surpass or outdo in humou
outhumors: (verb) third person singular of outhumor
outhumored: (verb) simple past and past participle of outhumor
outhumoring: (verb) present participle of outhumor

neurohumor: (noun) any material produced in a neuron that activates a neighbouring neuron, muscle, or gland
neurohumors: (noun) plural of neurohumor
neurohumoral: (adjective) relating or pertaining to neurohumor

See also Word Matrix: Humid.

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