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Word Matrix: Humid

Humid Word Matrix

from French humide or Latin humidus, from humere “be moist”

Word Sums

Humid + er = humider
Humid + est = humidest
Humid + i + ty = humidity
Humid + i + ty + es = humidities
Humid + i + Fy = humidify
Humid + i + Fy + es = humidifies
Humid + i + Fy + ed = humidified
Humid + i + Fy + ing = humidifying
Humid + i + Fy + er = humidifier
Humid + i + Fice + ate + ion = humidification
Humid + i + Stat = humidistat
Humid + i + Stat + s = humidistats
Humid + ex = humidex
Humid + ex + es = humidexes
Humid + i + Crib = humidicrib
Humid + i + Crib + s = humidicribs
Humid + or = humidor
Humid + or + s = humidors
Humid + ness = humidness
Humid + ly = humidly
sub + Humid= subhumid

de + Humid + i + Fy = dehumidify
de + Humid + i + Fy + es = dehumidifies
de + Humid + i + Fy + ed = dehumidified
de + Humid + i + Fy + ing = dehumidifying
de + Humid + i + Fy + er = dehumidifier
de + Humid + i + Fice + ate + ion = dehumidification

re + Humid + i + Fy = rehumidify
re + Humid + i + Fy + es = rehumidifies
re + Humid + i + Fy + ed = rehumidified
re + Humid + i + Fy + ing = rehumidifying
re + Humid + i + Fice + ate + ion = rehumidification


humid: (adjective) moist, wet
-er: forming comparative of adjective
-est: forming superlative of adjective
-s: forming  plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb
-i-: connecting vowel
-ty: forming noun denoting quality or condition [from French -ité, from Latin -itas, -itatis]
-fy: forming verb denoting making or producing [from French -fier, from Latin -ficare, -facere, from facere “do, make”]
-er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
-fice: making, creating [from French -fique or Latin -ficus from facere “do, make”]
-ate: word-forming element used in forming nouns from Latin words ending in -atus, -atum
-ion: denoting state, condition, or action
-stat: denoting a thing that maintains a controlled state
-ex: from index, meaning an indicator
crib: (noun) bed for a baby
-or: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
-ness: denoting a state or condition
-ly: denoting manner or degree
sub-: lower, less
de-: denoting removal or reversal
re-: once again

humider: comparative form of humid
humidest: superlative form of humid
humidity: (noun) state or quality of being humid
humidities: plural of humidity {consonant + y = change y to i and add es)
humidify: (verb) make humid
humidifies: third person singular of humidify
humidified: simple past and past participle of humidify {consonant + y = change y to i and add ed}
humidifying: present participle of humidify
humidifier: (noun) thing that makes humidity
humidifiers: plural of humidifier
humidification: (noun) process of becoming humid
humidistat: (noun) thing that maintains humidity
humidistats: plural of humidistats
humidex: (noun) indicator of humidity
humidexes: plural of humidex {x, add es}
humidicrib: (noun) incubator for newborn babies that regulates temperature and humidity
humidicribs: plural of humidicrib
humidor: (noun) thing that maintains humidity for cigars, patterned on cuspidor
humidors: plural of humidor
humidness: (noun) state of humidity
humidly: (adverb) in a humid manner
subhumid: (adjective) somewhat humid, specifically designating a warm moist climate which supports grassland or prairie vegetation

dehumidify: (verb) remove humid {anaptyxis between base and -fy suffix}
dehumidifies: third person singular of dehumidify
dehumidified: simple past and past participle of dehumidify {consonant + y = change y to i and add ed}
dehumidifying: present participle of dehumidify
dehumidifier: (noun) thing that removes humidity
dehumidifier: plural of dehumidifier
dehumidification: (noun) process of becoming not humid

rehumidify: (verb) make once again humid
rehumidifies: third person singular of rehumidify
rehumidified: simple past and past participle of rehumidify {consonant + y = change y to i and add ed}
rehumidifying: present participle of rehumidify
rehumidification: (noun) process of becoming once again humid

See also Word Matrix: Hum(e).

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