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    Word Matrix: Ichor

    Ichor Word Matrix

    “ethereal fluid that serves for blood in the veins of the gods,”
    from French ichor or Modern Latin ichor, from Greek ikhōr

    Word Sums

    Ichor + s -> ichors
    Ichor + ous -> ichorous
    Ichor + Heme + i + a -> ichorhemia
    Petr + Ichor -> petrichor


    ichor: ethereal fluid that serves for blood in the veins of the gods
    -s: forming plural of noun

    a-: word-forming element in names of countries, diseases, animals, and plants [adopted unchanged from Classical Latin and Greek]
    heme: blood
    -i-: connecting vowel
    -ous: characterized by, of the nature of
    petr-: rock, crag, stone, boulder

    ichor: (noun) ethereal fluid taking the place of blood in the veins of the ancient Greek gods, thin watery or blood-tinged discharge
    ichors: plural of ichor
    ichorous: (adjective) resembling or relating to ichor
    ichorhemia: (noun) infection of the blood with ichorous or putrid substances [dated medical term]
    petrichor: (noun) earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil; pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

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