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    Word Matrix: Morrow

    Morrow Matrix Morrow

    “morning” from Middle English morwe, variant of morwen, from Old English morgen


    Word Sums

    Morrow + s = morrows
    Morrow + ed = morrowed
    Morrow + ing =
    To + Morrow = tomorrow
    To + Morrow + s = tomorrows
    To + Morrow + er = tomorrower
    To + Morrow + er + s = tomorrowers
    To + Morrow + ness = tomorrowness
    Yester + Morrow = yestermorrow
    Yester + Morrow + s = yestermorrows
    Over + Morrow = overmorrow
    Over + Morrow + s = overmorrows


    -s: forming plural of noun
    -s: forming third person singular of verbs
    -ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
    -ing: forming present participle of verb

    -er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
    -ness: denoting a state or condition
    over: on top of, higher than, above, further up; beyond, past, exceeding
    to: to, toward, at, on
    yester: former, earlier, previous


    morrow: (noun) morning, following day, (verb) to dawn
    morrows: plural of morrow, third person singular of morrow
    morrowed: simple past and past participle of morrow
    morrowing: present participle of morrow
    tomorrow: (noun) day after today
    tomorrows: plural of tomorrow
    tomorrower: (noun) one who delays working on things, one who puts things off until tomorrow, procrastinator
    tomorrowers: : plural of tomorrower
    tomorrowness: (noun) quality of being tomorrow
    yestermorrow: (noun) day before today, yesterday morning
    yestermorrows: plural of yestermorrow
    overmorrow: (noun) day after tomorrow
    overmorrows: plural of overmorrow

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