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    Word Matrix: Pink

    Word Matrix: Pink

    “pale red color” meaning “pale rose color” first recorded 1733
    “small” from Dutch pink “small”

    Word Sums

    Pink + s = pinks
    Pink + ed = pinked
    Pink + ing = pinking
    Pink + en = pinken
    Pink + en + s = pinkens
    Pink + en + ed = pinkened
    Pink + en + ing = pinkening
    Pink + er = pinker
    Pink + est = pinkest
    Pink + ly = pinkly
    Pink + ish = pinkish
    Pink + ish + ly = pinkishly
    Pink + ish + ness = pinkishness
    Pink + ish + ness + es = pinkishnesses
    Pink + ness = pinkness
    Pink + ness + es = pinknesses
    Pink + y = pinky
    Pink + y + es = pinkies
    Pink + y + er = pinkier
    Pink + y + est = pinkiest
    Pink + ie = pinkie
    Pink + ie + s = pinkies
    Pink + o = pinko
    Pink + o + s = pinkos
    Pink + o + es = pinkoes
    Pink + Eye = pinkeye
    Pink + Eye + s = pinkeyes
    Pink + Root = pinkroot
    Pink + Root + s = pinkroots
    Fire + Pink = firepink
    Fire + Pink + s = firepinks

    Pink + a + Lice + i + ous = pinkalicious
    Pink + a + Lice + i + ous + ly = pinkaliciously
    Pink + er + Ton = pinkerton
    Pink + er + Ton + s = pinkertons
    Pink + Ville = pinkville
    Pink + Ville + s = pinkvilles
    Pink + er + rific = pinkerrific
    Pink + a + tastic = pinkatastic
    Pink + ite + itis = pinkititis
    Pink + a + Doodle = pinkadoodle
    Pink + a + Doodle + s = pinkadoodles


    pink: light red color, small
    -s/-es: forming plural of noun
    -s: forming third person singular of verbs
    -ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
    -en: forming past participle of strong verb
    -ing: forming present participle of verb
    -er: forming comparative of adjective
    -est: forming superlative of adjective

    -a-: connecting vowel
    doodle: scrawl aimlessly
    -er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
    eye: organ of the visual system, aperture, hole
    fire: combustion, burning, arouse, inflame, excite
    -i-: connecting vowel
    -ie: diminutive suffix
    -ish: having the qualities or characteristics of, somewhat
    -ite: word-forming element meaning “belonging to” or “originating in,” Old French suffix
    -itis: inflammation, word-forming element in medicine denoting “diseases characterized by inflammation”
    lice: lure, entice
    -ly: denoting manner or degree
    -ness: denoting a state or condition
    -o: type of person
    -ous: characterized by, of the nature of
    -rific: forming intensified adjectives from nouns and adjectives, backformed from terrific {Terre + i + Fic(e)}
    root: part of a plant that attaches the plant to the ground or to a support
    -tastic: forming adjectives conveying praise or celebration, backformed from fantastic {Fantaste + ic}
    ton: place-name suffix
    ville: town
    -y: diminutive suffix


    pink: (noun, adjective) light red color, (adjective) exhibiting left-wing tendencies, (verb) to make pink in color
    pinks: plural of pink, third person singular of pink
    pinked: simple past and past participle of pink
    pinking: present participle of pink
    pinken: (verb) to become or make pink
    pinkens: third person singular of pinken
    pinkened: simple past and past participle of pinken
    pinkening: present participle of pinken
    pinker: comparative form of pink
    pinkest: superlative form of pink
    pinkly: (adverb) in a pink manner
    pinkish: (adjective) somewhat pink
    pinkishly: (adverb) in a pinkish way
    pinkishness: (noun) quality of being somewhat pink
    pinkishnesses: plural of pinkishnesses
    pinkness: (noun) quality of being pink
    pinknesses: plural of pinkness
    pinky: (noun) baby mouse; white person (derogatory slur), (adjective) pinkish
    pinkies: plural of pinky
    pinkier: comparative form of pinky
    pinkiest: suprelative form of pinky
    pinkie: (noun) smallest finger of the hand and finger furthest from the thumb
    pinkies: plural of pinkie
    pinko: (noun) socialist who is not wholly communist
    pinkos: plural of pinko
    pinkoes: plural of pinko
    pinkeye: (noun) highly contagious form of conjunctivitis
    pinkeyes: plural of pinkeye
    pinkroot: (noun) genus of flowering plants in the family Loganiaceae that contains around 60 species
    pinkroots: plural of pinkroot
    firepink: (noun) brilliant red wildflower of eastern North America in the family Caryophyllaceae
    firepinks: plural of firepink


    pinkalicious: (adjective) delightfully pink
    pinkaliciously: (adverb) in a pinkalicious way or manner
    pinkerton: (noun) last name of Pinkalicious in the series of the same name
    pinkertons: plural of pinkerton
    pinkville: (noun) city name in the Pinkalicious series
    pinkvilles: plural of pinkville
    pinkerrific: (adjective) terrifically pink
    pinkatastic: (adjective) fantastically pink
    pinkititis: (noun) fictional disease in the Pinkalicious series
    pinkadoodle: (noun) neologism for drawings in the Pinkalicious series
    pinkadoodles: plural of pinkadoodle

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