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Word Matrix: Prince

Prince Word Matrix

“ruler of a principality” from Old French prince “prince, noble lord,” from Latin princeps “first man, chief leader; ruler, sovereign,” noun use of adjective meaning “that takes first,” from primus “first,” clip of principle

Word Sums

Prince + s = princes
Prince + ess = princess
Prince + ess + es = princesses
Prince + ling = princeling
Prince + ling + s = princelings
Prince + ly = princely
Prince + ly + er = princelier
Prince + ly + est = princeliest
Prince + ly + ness = princeliness
Prince + ess + ly = princessly
Prince + Ship = princeship
Prince + Ship + s = princeships
Prince + let = princelet
Prince + let + s = princelets
Prince + Kin = princekin
Prince + Kin + s = princekins
Prince + dom = princedom
Prince + dom + s = princedoms
Crown + Prince = crown-prince
Crown + Prince + s = crown-princes
Crown + Prince + ess = crown-princess
Crown + Prince + ess + es = crown-princesses


prince (noun): ruler of a principality
-s/-es: forming plural of noun
-er: forming comparative of adjective
-est: forming superlative of adjective

crown (noun): monarchy or reigning monarch
-dom: forming a noun denoting the domain or jurisdiction of the suffixed word
-ess: forming a noun denoting female gender
-kin: forming a diminutive
-let: denoting a smaller or lesser kind
-ling: forming a diminutive
-ly: denoting manner or degree
-ness: denoting a state or condition
ship (noun): appended to a noun to form a new noun denoting a property or state of being, time spent in a role, or a specialised union

princes: plural of prince
princess: female form of prince, daughter of a monarch or wife of a prince
princesses: plural of princess
princeling: ruler of a small principality or domain, young prince
princelings: plural of princeling
princely: related to a prince
princelier: comparative form of princely
princeliest: superlative form of princely
princeliness: state or condition related to a prince
princessly: related to a princess
princeship: property or state of being a prince; dignity, rank, or office of a prince
princeships: plural of princeship
princelet: ruler of a small principality or domain, young prince
princelets: plural of princelet
princekin: little, young, or diminutive prince
princekins: plural of princekin
princedom: jurisdiction, sovereignty, rank, or estate of a prince
princedoms: plural of princedom
crown-prince: male person designated and raised to become the next king
crown-princes: plural of crown-prince
crown-princess: female person designated and raised to become the next ruler
crown-princesses: plural of crown-princess

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