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Word Matrix: Pumpkin

Pumpkin Word Matrix

alteration of earlier pumpion, from obsolete French pompon,
via Latin from Greek pepōn “large melon”

Words Sums

Pumpkin + s = pumpkins
Pumpkin + y = pumpkiny
Pumpkin + Like = pumpkinlike
Pumpkin + ish = pumpkinish
Pumpkin + Seed = pumpkinseed
Pumpkin + Seed + s = pumpkinseeds
Pumpkin + Head = pumpkinhead
Pumpkin + Head + s = pumpkinheads
Pumpkin + less = pumpkinless
Pumpkin + eer = pumpkineer
Pumpkin + eer + s = pumpkineers
Pumpkin + i + Fy = pumpkinify
Pumpkin + i + Fy + es = pumpkinifies
Pumpkin + i + Fy + ed = pumpkinified
Pumpkin + i + Fy + ing = pumpkinifing
Pumpkin + i + Fice + ate + ion = pumpkinification
non + Pumpkin = non-pumpkin
non + Pumpkin + y = non-pumpkiny
non + Pumpkin + Like = non-pumpkinlike
non + Pumpkin + ish = non-pumpkinish


pumpkin (noun): a domesticated plant in the species Cucurbita pepo, typically producing large rounded orange-yellow fruit with a thick rind
-s: forming plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb

-ate: word-forming element used in forming nouns from Latin words ending in -atus, -atum
-eer: denoting someone associated with, concerned with, or engaged in a specified activity
-fice: making, creating [from French -fique or Latin -ficus from facere “do, make”]
-fy: forming verb denoting making or producing
head (noun): the upper part of the human body
-i-: connecting vowel
-ion: denoting state, condition, or action
-ish: having the qualities or characteristics of, somewhat
-less: not having, free from
-like: similar to, characteristic of
non-: expressing negation or absence
seed (noun): the unit of reproduction of a flowering plant
-y: full of, having the quality of

pumpkins: plural of pumpkin
pumpkiny: (adjective) having the quality of a pumpkin
pumpkinlike: (adjective) characteristic of or similar to a pumpkin
pumpkinish: (adjective) somewhat like a pumpkin
pumpkinseed: (noun) the unit of reproduction of a pumpkin
pumpkinseeds: plural of pumpkinseed
pumpkinhead: (noun) a person with a head compared to a pumpkin; a fool or dolt
pumpkinheads: plural of pumpkinhead
pumpkinless: not having or free from pumpkins
pumpkineer: someone associated with, concerned with, or engaged in pumpkins
pumpkineers: plural of pumpkineer
pumpkinify: to make into a pumpkin, to become a pumpkin
pumpkinifies: third person singular of pumpkinify
pumpkinified: simple past and past participle of pumpkinify
pumpkinifing: present participle of pumpkinify
pumpkinification: (noun) process of becoming a pumpkin
non-pumpkin: (adjective) not pumpkin
non-pumpkiny: (adjective) not having the quality of a pumpkin
non-pumpkinlike: (adjective) not characteristic of or similar to a pumpkin
non-pumpkinish: (adjective) not somewhat like a pumpkin


pumpking [Pumpkin + King = pumpkinking -> pumpking]

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