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    Word Matrix: Swim

    Swim Word Matrix
    “move in water” Old English swimman (verb), of Germanic origin

    Word Sums

    Swim + s = swims
    Swim + ing = swimming
    Swim + ing + ly = swimmingly
    Swim + er = swimmer
    Swim + er + s = swimmers
    non + Swim + er = nonswimmer
    non + Swim + er + s = nonswimmers
    pro + Swim + er = pro-swimmer
    pro + Swim + er + s = pro-swimmers
    Swim + er + et = swimmeret
    Swim + er + et + s = swimmerets
    Swim + y = swimmy
    Swim + y + er = swimmier
    Swim + y + est = swimmiest
    Swim + y + ly = swimmily
    Swim + Suit = swimsuit
    Swim + Suit + s = swimsuits
    Swim + Wear = swimwear
    Out + Swim = outswim
    Out + Swim + s = outswims
    Out + Swim + ing = outswimming


    swim: (verb) move in water, propel the body through water
    -s: forming plural of noun
    -s: forming third person singular of verbs
    -ing: forming present participle of verb
    -er: forming comparative of adjective
    -est: forming superlative of adjective

    -et: forming a diminutive noun
    -er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
    -ly: denoting manner or degree
    non-: not, expressing negation or absence
    out: to the point of surpassing or exceeding
    pro-: professional
    suit: (noun) a set of clothes to be worn for a particular activity
    wear: (noun) clothing suitable for a particular purpose or of a particular type
    -y: full of, having the quality of


    swims: plural of swim, third person singular of swim
    swimming: present participle of swim
    swimmingly: (adverb) smoothly and satisfactorily, in a manner like gliding through water
    swimmer: (noun) one who swims
    swimmers: plural of swimmer
    nonswimmer: (noun) one who does not swim or is not swimming
    nonswimmers: plural of nonswimmer
    pro-swimmer: (noun) professional swimmer
    pro-swimmers: plural of pro-swimmer
    swimmeret: (noun) a forked swimming limb of a crustacean, small thing used for swimming
    swimmerets: plural of swimmeret
    swimmy: (adjective) dizzy, swirling or moving as if seen in a daze
    swimmier: comparative form of swimmy
    swimmiest: superlative form of swimmy
    swimmily: (adverb) in a swimmy manner
    swimsuit: (noun) a set of clothes to be worn for swimming
    swimsuits: plural of swimsuit
    swimwear: (noun) clothing suitable for swimming
    outswim: (verb) swim faster than
    outswims: third person singular of outswim
    outswimming: present participle of outswim


    swam: simple past of swim
    swum: past participle of swim
    outswim: simple past of outswim
    outswum: past participle of outswim

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