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    Word Matrix: Thaumate

    Thaumate Word Matrix

    “wonder, astonishment, thing to look at, miracle,” from Greek thauma (genitive thaumatos), literally “a thing to look at,” from root of theater

    Words Sums

    Thaumate + ic = thaumatic
    Thaumate + in = thaumatin
    Thaumate + in + s = thaumatins
    Thaumate + Urge = thaumaturge
    Thaumate + Urge + s = thaumaturges
    Thaumate + Urge + y = thaumaturgy
    Thaumate + Urge + y + es = thaumaturgies
    Thaumate + Urge + ist = thaumaturgist
    Thaumate + Urge + ist + s = thaumaturgists
    Thaumate + Urge + us = thaumaturgus
    Thaumate + Urge + us + es = thaumaturguses
    Thaumate + Urge + i = thaumaturgi
    Thaumate + Urge + ic = thaumaturgic
    Thaumate + Urge + ic + s = thaumaturgics
    Thaumate + Urge + ic + al = thaumaturgical
    Thaumate + o + Log(e) + y = thaumatology
    Thaumate + o + Log(e) + ist = thaumatologist
    Thaumate + o + Log(e) + ist + s = thaumatologists
    Thaumate + o + G(e)n(e) + y = thaumatogeny
    Thaumate + o + Graph = thaumatograph
    Thaumate + o + Graph + y = thaumatography
    Thaumate + o + Graph + ic = thaumatographic
    Thaumate + o + Latr + y = thaumatolatry


    thaumate: wonder, astonishment, thing to look at, miracle
    -s/-es: forming plural of nouns

    -al: relating to, of the kind of, of, relating to, resembling or containing the thing suffixed
    g(e)n(e): something produced, thing that produces or causes
    -geny: genesis, origin, mode of production [G(e)n(e) + y]
    graph: instrument for recording; that which writes, marks, or describes; something written; to draw, represent by lines drawn
    -i: indicates a plural form of some words of Latin
    -ic: forming adjective denoting pertaining to or relating to
    -in: word-forming element in chemistry [see also -ine]
    -ist: ‪word-forming element meaning “one who does or makes”‬
    latr: worship
    -latry: worship of [from Greek -latreia “worship, service paid to the gods, hired labor,” related to latron “pay, hire,” latris “servant, worshipper”] [latr + y]
    log(e): word, speech, reason
    -logy: study [Log(e) + y]
    urge: work, perform, make
    -us: variation of -um, denotes singular grammatical number
    -y: quality, state, action, or entity


    thaumatic: (adjective) relating to thauma, wondrous, miraculous
    thaumatin: (noun) sweet-tasting protein isolated from a West African fruit used as a low-calorie sweetener and flavor modifier
    thaumatins: plural of thaumatin
    thaumaturge: (noun) performer of thaumaturgy; performer of miracles; magician; worker of wonders or miracles
    thaumaturges: plural of thaumaturge
    thaumaturgy: (noun) working of miracles; magic, witchcraft, wizardry; capability of a magician or a saint to work magic or miracles; use of magic for non-religious purposes
    thaumaturgies: plural of thaumaturgy
    thaumaturgist: (noun) variation of thaumaturge
    thaumaturgists: plural of thaumaturgist
    thaumaturgus: (noun) obsolete variation of thaumaturge
    thaumaturguses: plural of thaumaturgus
    thaumaturgi: plural of thaumaturgus
    thaumaturgic: (adjective) magical, relating to thaumaturgy; performing miracles
    thaumaturgics: (noun) magical performances
    thaumaturgical: (adjective) having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic
    thaumatology: (noun) study of miracles
    thaumatologist: (noun) one who studies thaumatology
    thaumatologists: plural of thaumatologist
    thaumatogeny: (noun) origination of life by a miracle rather than by natural law
    thaumatograph: (noun) proper noun used in the name of a projector from 1914
    thaumatography: (noun) description of natural wonders, dissertation on the wonders of nature
    thaumatographic: (adjective) of or relating to thaumatograph
    thaumatolatry: (noun) worship or undue admiration of wonderful or miraculous things



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