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Word Matrix: Thrall

Thrall Word Matrix

Old English thrǣl “slave,” from Old Norse thræll

Word Sums

Thrall + s = thralls
Thrall + ed = thralled
Thrall + ing = thralling
en + thrall = enthrall
en + Thrall + s = enthralls
en + Thrall + ed = enthralled
en + Thrall + ing = enthralling
en + Thrall + ment = enthrallment
en + Thrall + ment + s = enthrallments
dis + en + thrall = disenthrall
dis + en + Thrall + s = disenthralls
dis + en + Thrall + ed = disenthralled
dis + en + Thrall + ing = disenthralling
dis + en + Thrall + ment = disenthrallment
dis + en + Thrall + ment + s = disenthrallments
re + en + thrall = re-enthrall
re + en + Thrall + s = re-enthralls
re + en + Thrall + ed = re-enthralled
re + en + Thrall + ing = re-enthralling
re + en + Thrall + ment = re-enthrallment
re + en + Thrall + ment + s = re-enthrallments
Thrall + dom = thralldom
Thrall + dom + s = thralldoms
in + thrall = inthrall
in + Thrall + s = inthralls
in + Thrall + ed = inthralled
in + Thrall + ing = inthralling
in + Thrall + ment = inthrallment
in + Thrall + ment + s = inthrallments


thrall: (noun) the state of being under the control of another person, one who is enslaved, (verb) to enslave
-s: forming plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb

-dom: forming a noun that denotes a state or condition
dis-: denoting reversal or absence of an action or state, expressing negation
en-: in, into, on, forming verbs expressing conversion into the specified state
in-: in, into, on, forming verbs expressing conversion into the specified state (archaic form of -enthrall-)
-ment: forming a noun that expresses the means or result of an action
re-: once again

thralls: plural of thrall, third person singular of thrall
thralled: simple past and past participle of thrall
thralling: present participle of thrall
enthrall: (verb) to hold spellbound; to bewitch, charm, or captivate; to make subservient; to enslave or subjugate
enthralls: third person singular of enthrall
enthralled: simple past and past participle of enthrall
enthralling: present participle of enthrall
enthrallment: (noun) the means or result of being enthralled
enthrallments: plural of enthrallment
disenthrall: (verb) to not enthrall, to set free
disenthralls: third person singular of disenthrall
disenthralled: simple past and past participle of disenthrall
disenthralling: present participle of disenthrall
disenthrallment: (noun) the means or result of being disenthralled
disenthrallments: plural of disenthrallment
re-enthrall: (verb) to enthrall again
re-enthralls: third person singular of re-enthrall
re-enthralled: simple past and past participle of re-enthrall
re-enthralling: present participle of re-enthrall
re-enthrallment: (noun) the means or result of being re-enthralled
re-enthrallments: plural of re-enthrallment
thralldom: (noun) state of bondage, slavery, or subjugation to another person
thralldoms: plural of thralldom
inthrall: (verb) archaic form of enthrall
inthralls: archaic form of enthralls
inthralled: archaic form of enthralled
inthralling: archaic form of enthralling
inthrallment: (noun) archaic form of enthrallment
inthrallments: archaic form of enthrallments

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