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    Word Matrix: Vegete

    Word Matrix: Vegete

    “non-animal life [lively, active, sprightly, vigorous],” from Old French vegetable “living, fit to live,” directly from Medieval Latin vegetabilis “growing, flourishing,” from Late Latin vegetabilis “animating, enlivening,” from Latin vegetare “to enliven,” from vegetus “vigorous, enlivened, active, sprightly,” from vegere “to be alive, active, to quicken”

    Word Sums

    Vegete + able -> vegetable
    Vegete + able + s -> vegetables
    Vegete + ably -> vegetably
    Vegete + ar + y -> vegetary
    Vegete + ar + y + an -> vegetarian
    Vegete + ar + y + an + s -> vegetarians
    Vegete + ar + y + an + ism -> vegetarianism
    Vegete + ate -> vegetate
    Vegete + ate + s -> vegetates
    Vegete + ate + ed -> vegetated
    Vegete + ate + ing -> vegetating
    Vegete + ate + ion -> vegetation
    Vegete + ate + ion + s -> vegetations
    Vegete + ate + ive -> vegetative
    Vegete + ate + ive + ly -> vegetatively
    Vegete + ate + ive + ness -> vegetativeness
    Vegete + ate + ion + al -> vegetational
    Vegete + ate + i + ous -> vegetatious
    Vegete + al -> vegetal
    Vegete + al + s -> vegetals
    Vegete + al + ly -> vegetally
    Vegete + ive -> vegetive
    Vegete + ist -> vegetist
    Vegete + ist + s -> vegetists
    Vegete + ism -> vegetism
    Vegete + ant -> vegetant

    re + Vegete + ate -> revegetate
    re + Vegete + ate + s -> revegetates
    re + Vegete + ate + ed -> revegetated
    re + Vegete + ate + ing -> revegetating
    re + Vegete + ate + ion -> revegetation
    re + Vegete + ate + ion + s -> revegetations

    mult + i + Vegete + able -> multivegetable
    non + Vegete + able -> nonvegetable

    Lact + o + Vegete + ar + y + an -> ovolactovegetarian
    Lact + o + Vegete + ar + y + an + s -> ovolactovegetarians
    Lact + o + Vegete + ar + y + an + ism -> ovolactovegetarianism
    Ove + o + Vegete + ar + y + an -> ovovegetarian
    Ove + o + Vegete + ar + y + an + s-> ovovegetarians
    Ove + o + Vegete + ar + y + an + ism -> ovovegetarianism
    Ove + o + Lact + o + Vegete + ar + y + an -> ovolactovegetarian
    Ove + o + Lact + o + Vegete + ar + y + an + s -> ovolactovegetarians
    Ove + o + Vegete + ar + y + an + ism -> ovovegetarianism


    vegete: non-animal life [lively, active, sprightly, vigorous]
    -s: forming plural of noun
    -s: forming third person singular of verbs
    -ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
    -ing: forming present participle of verb

    -able: word-forming element of English adjectives and generally adding a notion of capable of, allowed, worthy of, or requiring
    -ably: forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives ending in -able
    -al: relating to, of the kind of, of, relating to, resembling or containing the thing suffixed
    -an: of or pertaining to
    ant-: against, opposite of, contrary; counteracting, neutralizing
    -ant: denoting attribution of an action or state
    -ar: forming an adjective denoting of, near, or pertaining to
    -ary: forming an adjective denoting of the kind of, belonging to, connected with, or pertaining to [ar + y]
    -ate: forming a verb
    -i-: connecting vowel
    -ion: denoting state, condition, or action
    -ism: forming a noun denoting a system, principle, or ideological movement; an action or its result; a state or quality
    -ist: forming a personal noun denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs, principles, etc. expressed by a noun ending in -ism
    -ive: tending to, having the nature of
    lact: milk
    -ly: denoting manner or degree
    mult-: more than one, many
    -ness: denoting a state or condition
    non-: expressing negation or absence, not
    -o-: connecting vowel
    -ous: characterized by, of the nature of
    ove: egg
    re-: once again
    -y: full of, having the quality of, inclined to; quality, state, action, or entity


    vegete: (adjective) lively, active, sprightly, vigorous
    vegetable: (adjective) capable of life or growth; growing, vigorous, (noun) non-animal life, originally any plant, plant cultivated for food, edible herb or root
    vegetables: plural of vegetable
    vegetably: (adverb) in vegetable terms or by vegetable means
    vegetary: (adjective) characterized by life and growth, consisting of or characterized by vegetables or vegetation
    vegetarian: (noun) one who eats only plants and no animals, herbivore
    vegetarians: plural of vegetarian
    vegetarianism: (noun) restriction of the diet to plants

    vegetate: (verb) to grow or sprout; to live a passive existence without exertion
    vegetates: third person singular of vegetate
    vegetated: simple past and past participle of vegetate
    vegetating: present participle of vegetate
    vegetation: (noun) plants, vegetable growth
    vegetations: plural of vegetation
    vegetative: (adjective) of or relating to plants, physically inactive, of a state of impaired brain function
    vegetatively: (adverb) in a vegetative manner
    vegetativeness: (noun) quality of being a vegetable or like a vegetable
    vegetational: (adjective) of or pertaining to vegetation
    vegetatious: (adjective) variation of vegetational
    vegetal: (adjective) relating to plants, (noun) any vegetable organism
    vegetals: plural of vegetal
    vegetally: (adverb) in a vegetal manner
    vegetive: (adjective) variation of vegetative, (noun) obsolete term for vegetable
    vegetist: (noun) variation of vegetarian
    vegetists: plural of vegetist
    vegetism: (noun) vegetal state or characteristic
    vegetant: (adjective) causing growth, vegetation-like

    revegetate: (verb) to become recolonized by plants, to produce a new growth of vegetation, to vegetate again
    revegetates: third person singular of revegetate
    revegetated: simple past and past participle of revegetate
    revegetating: present participle of revegetate
    revegetation: (noun) the act or process of revegetating
    revegetations: plural of revegetation

    multivegetable: (adjective) of or pertaining to more than one vegetable
    nonvegetable: (adjective) not of or pertaining to vegetables

    lactovegetarian: (noun) vegetarian who consumes dairy
    lactovegetarians: plural of lactovegetarian
    lactovegetarianism: (noun) restriction of the diet to plants and dairy products
    ovovegetarian: (noun) vegetarian who consumes eggs
    ovovegetarians: plural of ovovegetarian
    ovovegetarianism: (noun) restriction of the diet to plants and eggs
    ovolactovegetarian: (noun) vegetarian who consumes eggs and dairy
    ovolactovegetarians: plural of ovolactovegetarian
    ovolactovegetarianism: (noun) restriction of the diet to plants, eggs, and dairy products



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