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    Word Matrix: Wint(e)r

    Wint(e)r Word Matrix

    Old English winter (plural wintru) “fourth and coldest season of the year”

    Words Sums

    Wint(e)r = winter
    Wint(e)r + s = winters
    Wint(e)r + ed = wintered
    Wint(e)r + ing = wintering

    Wint(e)r + ish = winterish
    Wint(e)r + y = wintery
    Wint(e)r + y + er = winterier
    Wint(e)r + y + est = winteriest
    Wint(e)r + less = winterless
    Wint(e)r + ly = winterly
    Wint(e)r + er = winterer
    Wint(e)r + er + s = winterers
    Wint(e)r + Like = winterlike

    Wint(e)r + ize = winterize
    Wint(e)r + ize + s = winterizes
    Wint(e)r + ize + ed = winterized
    Wint(e)r + ize + ing = winterizing
    Wint(e)r + ize + ate + ion = winterization
    Wint(e)r + ize + ate + ion + s= winterizations

    Be + Wint(e)r = bewinter
    Be + Wint(e)r + s = bewinters
    Be + Wint(e)r + ed = bewintered
    Be + Wint(e)r + ing = bewintering
    Fimbul + Wint(e)r = Fimbulwinter
    In + Wint(e)r = inwinter
    In + Wint(e)r + s = inwinters
    In + Wint(e)r + ed = inwintered
    In + Wint(e)r + ing = inwintering
    Mid + Wint(e)r = midwinter
    Mid + Wint(e)r + s = midwinters
    Out + Wint(e)r = outwinter
    Out + Wint(e)r + s = outwinters
    Out + Wint(e)r + ed = outwintered
    Out + Wint(e)r + ing = outwintering
    Over + Wint(e)r = overwinter
    Over + Wint(e)r + s = overwinters
    Over + Wint(e)r + ed = overwintered
    Over + Wint(e)r + ing = overwintering

    Wint(e)r + Berry = winterberry
    Wint(e)r + Berry + s = winterberries
    Wint(e)r + Cress = wintercress
    Wint(e)r + Cress + es = wintercresses
    Wint(e)r + Clad = winterclad
    Wint(e)r + Creep + er = wintercreeper
    Wint(e)r + Creep + er + s = wintercreepers
    Wint(e)r + Feed = winterfeed
    Wint(e)r + Feed + s = winterfeeds
    Wint(e)r + Feed + ing = winterfeeding
    Wint(e)r + Fed = winterfed
    Wint(e)r + Fest = winterfest
    Wint(e)r + Fest + s = winterfests
    Wint(e)r + Green = wintergreen
    Wint(e)r + Green + s = wintergreens
    Wint(e)r + Hain = winterhain
    Wint(e)r + Hain + s = winterhains
    Wint(e)r + Hain + ed = winterhained
    Wint(e)r + Hain + ing = winterhaining
    Wint(e)r + Hard + y = winterhardy
    Wint(e)r + Hard + y + ness = winterhardiness
    Wint(e)r + Kill = winterkill
    Wint(e)r + Kill + s = winterkills
    Wint(e)r + Kill + ed = winterkilled
    Wint(e)r + Kill + ing = winterkilling
    Wint(e)r + Some = wintersome
    Wint(e)r + Sweet = wintersweet
    Wint(e)r + Tide = wintertide
    Wint(e)r + Tide + s = wintertides
    Wint(e)r + Time = wintertime
    Wint(e)r + Time + s = wintertimes
    Wint(e)r + Weed = winterweed
    Wint(e)r + Weed + s = winterweeds
    Wint(e)r + Weight = winterweight

    Wint(e)r + y = wintry
    Wint(e)r + y + er = wintrier
    Wint(e)r + y + est = wintriest
    Wint(e)r + y + ly = wintrily
    Wint(e)r + y + ness = wintriness
    Wint(e)r + y + ness + es = wintrinesses
    Wint(e)r + ous = wintrous
    Wint(e)r + ous + ly = wintrously
    un + Wint(e)r + y = unwintry


    winter: fourth and coldest season of the year
    -s: forming plural of noun
    -s: forming third person singular of verbs
    -ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
    -ing: forming present participle of verb
    -er: forming comparative of adjective
    -est: forming superlative of adjective

    -ate: word-forming element used in forming nouns
    be-: to make like
    berry: (noun) small roundish juicy fruit without a stone
    cress: (noun) plant of the cabbage family, typically having small white flowers and pungent leaves
    clad: (verb) clothed
    creep: (verb) move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed
    -er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
    feed: (verb) give food
    fed: (verb) simple past and past participle of feed
    fest: (noun) party or celebration, clip of festival
    fimbul-: mighty, great
    green: (noun) color between blue and yellow
    hain: (verb) save, spare, or refrain from using
    hard: (adjective) solid, firm, rigid, not easily broken
    hardy: (adjective) robust
    in-: towards, within, not out
    -ion: denoting state, condition, or action
    -ish: having the qualities or characteristics of, somewhat
    -ize: word-forming element used to make verbs
    kill: (verb) cause to die
    -less: not having, free from
    -like: similar to, characteristic of
    -ly: denoting manner or degree
    mid-: middle of, half
    -ness: denoting a state or condition
    -ous: characterized by, of the nature of [from Anglo-Norman French, or Old French -eus, from Latin -osus]
    out-: away from, not in
    over-: upper, outer, above, extra, excessively
    some: (noun) cereal, crop, sorghum
    sweet: (adjective) having the taste of sugar
    tide: (noun) time
    time: (noun) progression into the future with the passing of present events into the past
    un-: denoting the absence of a quality or state, not, denoting reversal, a lack of
    weed: (noun) wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants
    weight: (noun) heaviness
    -y: full of, having the quality of


    winter: (noun) fourth and coldest season of the year, (verb) spend the winter in a particular place
    winters: plural of winter, third person singular of winter
    wintered: simple past and past participle of winter
    wintering: present participle of winter

    winterish: (adjective) somewhat like winter
    wintery: variation of wintry
    winterier: variation of wintrier
    winteriest: variation of wintriest
    winterless: (adjective) without or lacking winter
    winterly: (adjective) of, relating to, or occurring in winter [variation of wintry]
    winterer: (noun) one that visits or resides in a specified location during the winter
    winterers: plural of winterer
    winterlike: (adjective) similar to winter

    winterize: (verb) prepare for winter weather
    winterizes: third person singular of winterize
    winterized: simple past and past participle of winterize
    winterizing: present participle of winterize
    winterization: (noun) the act of preparing for winter
    winterizations: plural of winterization

    bewinter: (verb) to make like winter
    bewinters: third person singular of bewinter
    bewintered: simple past and past participle of bewinter
    bewintering: present participle of bewinter
    Fimbulwinter: (noun) literally “great winter,” in Norse mythology, immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarök, the battle that will end the world
    inwinter: (verb) to keep indoors during the weather [variation of in-winter]
    inwinters: third person singular of inwinter
    inwintered: simple past and past participle of inwinter
    inwintering: present participle of inwinter
    midwinter: (noun) middle of winter
    midwinters: plural of midwinter
    outwinter: (verb) to keep outdoors during the weather
    outwinters: third person singular of outwinter
    outwintered: simple past and past participle of outwinter
    outwintering: present participle of outwinter
    overwinter: (verb) to keep or preserve for the winter, to spend the winter in a particular place
    overwinters: third person singular of overwinter
    overwintered: simple past and past participle of overwinter
    overwintering: present participle of overwinter

    winterberry: species of holly native to the United States and Canada and producing red berries
    winterberries: plural of winterberry
    wintercress: (noun) herbaceous biennial plant in the mustard family
    wintercresses: plural of wintercress
    winterclad: (adjective) clothed suitably for winter
    wintercreeper: (noun) fast-growing, versatile ground cover, shrub, or vine
    wintercreepers: plural of wintercress
    winterfeed: (noun) food given to livestock during the winter, (verb) to feed during the winter
    winterfeeds: plural of winterfeed, third person singular of winterfeed
    winterfeeding: present participle of winterfeed
    winterfed: simple past and past participle of winterfeed
    winterfest: (noun) festival held in or for the winter
    winterfests: plural of winterfest
    wintergreen: (noun) one of various unrelated evergreen plants
    wintergreens: plural of wintergreen
    winterhain: (verb) to let pasture lie without cattle in winter especially in order to take off a crop of hay in the spring
    winterhains: third person singular of winterhain
    winterhained: simple past and past participle of winterhain
    winterhaining: present participle of winterhain
    winterhardy: (adjective) strong enough to survive cold weather
    winterhardiness: (noun) quality or state of being winterhardy
    winterkill: (verb) to die by means of exposure to winter weather such as frost or freezing temperatures
    winterkills: third person singular of winterkill
    winterkilled: simple past and past participle of winterkill
    winterkilling: present participle of winterkill
    wintersome: (noun) kind of sweet sorghum crop
    wintersweet: (noun) any of the flowering plants of the genus Chimonanthus
    wintertide: (noun) variation of wintertime
    wintertides: plural of wintertide
    wintertime: (noun) the season of winter
    wintertimes: plural of wintertime
    winterweed: (noun) various small weeds that grow in winter
    winterweeds: plural of winterweed
    winterweight: of relatively heavy weight, intended for use during cold winter weather

    wintry: (adjective) characteristic of winter, especially in feeling or looking very cold and bleak
    wintrier: comparative form of wintry
    wintriest: superlative form of wintry
    wintrily: (adverb) in a wintry manner
    wintriness: (noun) state or quality of being wintry
    wintrinesses: plural of wintriness
    wintrous: (adjective) variation of wintry
    wintrously: (adverb) in a wintrous manner
    unwintry: (adjective) not wintry


    twinter: (noun) animal two winters old
    winterval: (noun) blend of winter and festival or winter and interval

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