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Word Matrix: Yester

Word Matrix: Yester

“former, earlier, previous” from Old English geostran “yesterday”

Words Sums

Yester + s = yesters
Yester + Day = yesterday
Yester + Day + s = yesterdays
Yester + Eve = yestereve
Yester + Eve + s = yestereves
Yester + Even = yestereven
Yester + Even + s = yesterevens
Yester + Even + ing = yesterevening
Yester + Even + ing + s = yesterevenings
Yester + Minute = yesterminute
Yester + Minute + s = yesterminutes
Yester + Month = yestermonth
Yester + Month + s = yestermonths
Yester + Morrow = yestermorrow
Yester + Morrow + s = yestermorrows
Yester + Night = yesternight
Yester + Night + s = yesternights
Yester + Week = yesterweek
Yester + Week + s = yesterweeks
Yester + Year = yesteryear
Yester + Year = yesteryears


yester: former, earlier, previous
-s: forming plural of noun

day: twenty-four-hour time period, single rotation of a planet
eve: evening, time between sunset and darkness
even: end of the day
-ing: denoting state, condition, or action
minute: little, small
month: one-twelfth part of a year
morrow: morning
night: darkness, period between sunset and sunrise
week: period of seven consecutive days
year: 365 1/4 day time period, single revolution of a planet around a sun

yester: (noun) archaic variation of yesterday, (adjective) of or relating to yesterday
yesters: plural of yester
yesterday: (noun) day before today, one day previous
yesterdays: plural of yesterday
yestereve: (noun) previous evening
yestereves: plural of yestereve
yestereven: (noun) previous evening
yesterevens: plural of yestereven
yesterevening: (noun) previous evening
yesterevenings: plural of yesterevening
yesterminute: (noun) minutes ago
yesterminutes: plural of yesterminute
yestermonth: (noun) last month, a few months ago
yestermonths: plural of yestermonth
yestermorrow: (noun) day before today, yesterday morning
yestermorrows: plural of yestermorrow
yesternight: (noun) last night
yesternights: plural of yesternight
yesterweek: (noun) last week, the previous week
yesterweeks: plural of yesterweek
yesteryear: (noun) last year, a few years ago, years gone by
yesteryears: plural of yesteryear


yestern: relating to the day last past
yestreen: contraction of yestereven [yestere’en = yestereen]

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