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    Yummi Pouch Review

    When my daughter started eating solid foods at six months old, I decided to make my own baby food rather than buy commercial varieties. She still occasionally eats the baby food that I stockpiled in my freezer. Any future babies will also eat homemade baby food. Thus, when Yummi Pouch offered me the chance to review some reusable food pouches, I jumped at the opportunity.

    Yummi Pouch Yummi Pouch Review Set
    Yummi Pouches are reusable food pouches that are eco-friendly, dishwasher and freezer safe, BPA-free and phthalate-free, and recyclable. Husband and wife team Andy and Katie designed the Yummi Pouch as a simple, eco-friendly, and cost-effective means for parents to feed their children nutritious foods. Unlike commercial baby food pouches, each Yummi Pouch can be filled again and again.

    When I first received my Yummi Pouch review set, I started by washing each pouch with hot soapy water in the sink. Once a pouch has been filled with food and emptied, you can use a bottle brush to wash the pouch by hand. Yummi Pouches are also dishwasher safe. After each use, rinse the pouch out with water to remove any leftover food. Then open the zipper seal, and place the pouch in the top rack of your dishwasher. After the wash cycle, double check the cleaned pouches for any food residue. Allow the pouches to dry thoroughly between uses to prevent mildew growth.

    Yummi Pouch Sport Pouch Yummi Pouch Brights Pouches

    Yummi Pouch Mini Pouch

    I will admit that my biggest concern with the Yummi Pouch was the cleaning process. After filling the pouches with peach smoothie for my daughter and myself, I placed the pouches in the top of my dishwasher. When I inspected the pouches the next day, I was pleasantly surprised to find the pouches had been thoroughly cleaned. I found one little speck of leftover peach puree in the zipper of one pouch, which I rinsed away with a little water. With my old dishwasher, however, I often find myself rewashing a dish or two, so one little speck of food did not worry me at all. Thus, despite my initial hesitation, washing a Yummi Pouch is incredibly easy!

    Filling a Yummi Pouch is also incredibly easy. Using my baby food processor, I pureed some peaches into a peach smoothie. I then poured the puree directly into the wide opening of a Yummi Pouch. I also experimented with pouring the food in with a spoon. Compared with filling the ice cube trays that I usually use to store my homemade baby food, filling a Yummi Pouch is just as easy. The little bit that I spilled on the zipper of the pouch, I wiped up with a paper towel before closing the pouch. The Yummi Pouch website also offers a number of tips for filling a Yummi Pouch easily.

    Inside the Yummi Pouch Mini Pouch Removing the Lid of the Yummi Pouch

    In addition to baby food, the Yummi Pouch is also great for making on-the-go meals and snacks for the young and the young at heart. When I made the peach smoothie for my daughter, I also filled up one of the ten-ounce Sport pouches with some for me to bring to work. I was then able to sip on the smoothie while working at my desk. Yummi Pouches work great for baby food, smoothies, soups, and more. The reusable food pouches are also freezer-safe, so, if you, like me, like to make huge batches of baby food, you can freeze your food directly in a Yummi Pouch.

    Eating from a Yummi Pouch is also super easy for both children and adults. I simply sucked my peach smoothie out of the pouch through the spout. My two-year-old daughter also easily sucked her peaches out of the spout. My husband also helped her by gently squeezing the pouch. In addition to eating directly from the pouch, you can also use the Yummi Pouch as a storage container. Simply squeeze the food out of the pouch through the spout into a bowl or directly onto a spoon.

    Preparing a Peach Smoothie for the Yummi Pouch Pouring the Peach Smoothie into the Yummi Pouch

    In terms of price, buying reusable food pouches of almost any price still saves you money. However, I consider Yummi Pouches as extremely reasonably priced. The Yummi Pouch Sport four-pack retails at $14.99, the Yummi Pouch Brights four-pack at $11.99, and the Yummi Pouch Mini six-pack at $14.99. Yummi Pouch also offers other food pouch packs and accessories.

    Final Verdict: The reusable food pouches from Yummi Pouch make storing and serving baby food and other foods super easy. Although I initially had some concerns about ease of cleaning, I quickly discovered that washing my Yummi Pouches in the dishwasher is just as easy as washing my other baby feeding gear and dishes. Yummi Pouches are also extremely affordably priced. If you are considering making your own baby food (and you should), I highly recommend the Yummi Pouch.

    Washing the Yummi Pouches in the Dishwasher

    For more information or to make a purchase, visit the Yummi Pouch website. You can also follow Yummi Pouch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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