Covering Childcare and Education Costs with the Jenny Life Insurance App

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Covering Childcare and Education Costs with the Jenny Life Insurance App

I am the mother of three young children. I am also the primary caregiver for my family. My husband works outside the home to provide for us financially, but, if something unimaginable were to happen to me, he would have to find child care for our six-year-old, three-year-old, and six-month-old. I also homeschool, so my husband would also have to find schools for our three kiddos in the event of my untimely death. Fortunately, the new Jenny Life app makes getting a life insurance quote easier, allowing me to sleep a little better at night know that I could still take care of my family should something unthinkable happen to me.

The cost of childcare varies depending on your location in the United States, but I live in a pretty average area price-wise. My oldest daughter could go to public school, but she would still need care after hours until my husband got off from work. Her weekly care would cost around $91 or $3,276 per school year. My preschooler could also attend a school but would mostly likely need to attend a private school because public preschool is not available to all students in my state. His full-time preschool would cost around $242 a week or $8712 per school year until he entered kindergarten. My youngest daughter would need infant and toddler care until she could go to preschool, which would cost roughly $299 a week or $15,548 per year. From now until each of my kids became teenagers, education and childcare costs would run my husband $22,932 for our oldest, $46,908 for our second, and $93,552 for our third for a grand total of $163,392!

Luckily for my family, Jenny Life offers the convenience of using an app to get life insurance coverage directly from my phone. After downloading the free mobile app for iOS or Android to my phone and then uploading a photo of my driver’s license, I can easily get instant coverage up to $300,000 from an A-rated insurance carrier that fits my goals, family, and budget starting at as little as $5 per month. With $163,392 in childcare and education costs (not to mention other costs associated with raising three kiddos), an instant decision life insurance app that requires no office visits, paperwork, health exams, blood tests, urine samples, or waiting period sounds pretty good to me!

My time is precious. My kiddos will not be little forever. I do not have time to shop for insurance, fill out paperwork, schedule health screenings and blood work, and deal with potential denials for coverage, but I do want to look out for my family should something terrible happen to me down the road. Jenny Life is a new app on the market that seeks to make purchasing life insurance easier for moms everywhere that makes getting a life insurance quote any time of the day super easy and efficient.

To learn more, visit the Jenny Life Insurance website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.

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