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Easy and Affordable Photo Books with Chatbooks

Easy and Affordable Photo Books with Chatbooks

I did really well printing out photos and making albums for about two years after my daughter was born. I even created a birth book for her in the two weeks after her birth. I also ordered prints of my favorite photos of her to put into photo albums until she turned two. Then I flaked, and my son basically has nothing. No birth book, no prints, basically nothing. I have been diligent about printing off milestone photos, but I have completely flaked on printing out my favorite daily photos.

At the beginning of December, I saw a promo video for Chatbooks on Facebook. The app touts itself as photo books for people who do not have time to make photo books. As a busy homeschooling mother of two young children, I count myself as one of those people who do not have time to make photo books. Intrigued by the video, I downloaded the app and set up a favorite series by tapping my favorite photos from my phone Camera Roll. Whenever I take a photo of my kids that I love, I can favorite the photo, which automatically adds the photo to my Chatbooks account. Easy peasy!

I ordered my first Chatbook a few days ago, which I got free with a coupon code. I have a couple other photo books ready to send out for printing as well. Each photo book costs just $8 each with free standard shipping. (You can pay for shipping and get your book even faster if you choose.) You can feel confident with the Chatbooks money back guarantee. If your photo books are not perfect, the Chatbooks customer support team will fix the problems for you free of charge. Still not happy? Get your money back.

What I like most about Chatbooks so far is the ease of use. I struggled with collecting and editing my photos. I have both a digital camera and an iPhone. I tried to take photos of my kids on my camera but often had only my phone handy. Now I can take all my photos to print out on my phone. In addition to using your Camera Roll, you can also make Facebook and Instagram series books. Get all your favorite images off of Facebook or Instagram and into your hands with Chatbooks. I personally chose the Camera Roll option because I take way more photos of my kids than I share online.

Once you choose a photo source, the Chatbooks app gets to work. Each time I favorite a photo on my phone, the app automatically adds the image to my latest series book. My book creates itself without any extra effort on my part! Each book contains 60 photos, and I can also choose to edit my books. I can rearrange or exclude photos, and I can also add captions. Chatbooks automatically dates the photos, and I have added a few captions to certain pictures. I love that the app is so easy to use to create photo books. When I am sitting on the couch, usually nursing my son, I can take a minute or two to add some captions to my photos and then my photo book is complete. No great amount of effort involved!

The photo books from Chatbooks are ridiculously affordable as well. I paid at least $20 for the few photo books that I created for my daughter after her birth. At just $8 per book with free standard shipping, I can include all my favorite photos of my kids. Plus I got my first book free! And I also love that I can just take pictures on my phone instead of having to drag my digital camera around with me too. Get your first book free too when you download the app via my link. I will share what I think of my first book when my order arrives. Chatbooks seems to be the solution to my photo problem!

Download the Chatbooks app and receive your first photo book free.

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