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  • Can We Stop Pretending That Gummies Can Be Healthy?

    Can We Stop Pretending That Gummies Can Be Healthy?

    For some reason, Facebook has decided to target me with ads and posts about gummies. To be fair, I do like gummies. My husband recently bought me a small back of cola gummy bottles, which I love but hardly ever buy. I also enjoy the occasional Sour Patch Kid or sour gummy worm. I sometimes […] More

  • Square Collage Candy Corn Craft

    Square Collage Candy Corn Craft

    Candy corn season is here! For our homeschool lesson on squares last year, my daughter and I made a square collage candy corn craft that makes a perfect homemade decoration for the Halloween and autumn season. Materials Black, orange, yellow, and white construction paper White crayon Scissors Glue or glue stick Directions Cut the orange, […] More

  • Easter Basket from Nestle

    Celebrate Easter with Seasonal Sweet Treats from Nestle

    Disclosure: I received a sample of Nestle seasonal Easter candies as part of an advertorial. Easter is right around the corner! When I think of Easter festivities, I always think of candy. Although my family and I try not to eat too many sweets, we do like to indulge on holidays. In preparation of the […] More