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  • Word Matrix: Pink

    Word Matrix: Pink

    <pink> “pale red color” meaning “pale rose color” first recorded 1733 “small” from Dutch pink “small” Word Sums pink Pink + s = pinks Pink + ed = pinked Pink + ing = pinking Pink + en = pinken Pink + en + s = pinkens Pink + en + ed = pinkened Pink + […] More

  • The Pink Shed

    Week Seven of the Click, Color, Capture Photography Challenge: Pink

    The featured colored this week for the Click, Color, Capture Photograph Challenge is pink. Hosted by East9thStreet, A Helicopter Mom, Nap Time Is My Time, and Sunshine and Sippy Cups, the Click, Color, Capture Photography Challenge challenges bloggers and photographers to take one photograph each week for ten weeks that features a single color. The six previous weeks […] More