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    Easy Pickled Peppers Recipe

    Easy Pickled Peppers Recipe

    My early autumn pepper harvest has been abundant. Because my guys like pickled peppers, I used the peppers that did not get eaten straight off the plant to make some easy refrigerator pickled peppers.



    1. Combine the salt, sugar, vinegar, and water in a quart jar.
    2. Wash, deseed, and slice the peppers.
    3. Add the sliced peppers to the pickling mixture.
    4. Fill the remaining jar with water.
    5. Refrigerate the pickled peppers for a least a week before eating.

    Peppers for Pickled PeppersSlicing a Red PepperSlicing a Yellow PepperEasy Pickled PeppersImage Credits

    Easy Pickled Peppers Recipe © 2020 Heather Johnson
    Peppers for Pickled Peppers © 2020 Heather Johnson
    Slicing a Red Pepper © 2020 Heather Johnson
    Slicing a Yellow Pepper © 2020 Heather Johnson
    Easy Pickled Peppers © 2020 Heather Johnson

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