Halloween Fun with ‘Monster Magic’

Halloween Fun with 'Monster Magic'

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. My children and I have been planning our Halloween costumes for the past few weeks. As soon as September rolled around, I also put up my fall and Halloween decorations around the house. When recently offered the chance to review Monster Magic from La ZOO in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to add a new title to my home library in anticipation of the upcoming autumn holiday.


La ZOO is an award-winning best-selling Japanese author and illustrator whose books have sold millions of copies around the world. Other books from the author include I Can Do That! Cut & Paste and I Can Do That! Color & Draw.


Recommended for children ages 3 and older in preschool and beyond, Monster Magic offers a Halloween-themed wipe-off activity book full of clever and irresistible designs that keep young readers interested, engaged, and using their imaginations. Children can use the four included dry-erase magic markers to discover that giants love meatballs, ice cream cones can become monsters, and ghosts can appear and disappear. Each wipe-clean page provides a challenge, a story, or starter art to be contemplated and completed, showing little ones that they have the power to turn spooky creatures into silly ones. The 60-page hardback wipe-off book currently costs $11.69 on Amazon with a list price of $12.99.

Cover of 'Monster Magic' Inside Pages of 'Monster Magic' 1

Inside Pages of 'Monster Magic' 2 Inside Pages of 'Monster Magic' 3


My two oldest children are obsessed with Halloween. As soon as I opened the package that contained my copy of Monster Magic, both tried to run off with the activity book. The four erasable markers in black, red, orange, and blue make exploring the Halloween holiday interactive and super fun. For example, my son loves pizza. He therefore especially loves the pages on which he gets to design a pizza for a mummy. First he adds sauce and cheese to the blank pizza crust with the markers. Then he gets to smear the pizza all over the mummy’s face. Finally he uses the erasers on the ends of the markers to clean the mummy up again.

Monster Magic is an absolutely perfect addition for any Halloween-loving family. The interactive activities offer hours of non-spooky fun for the youngest readers. My 3.5-year-old son and 6.5-year-old daughter almost fight over the book at times. Both love using the dry-erase markers to complete the pages. I love that the markers are erasable. Unlike traditional coloring or activity books, my kiddos can do each activity again and again. Even once the markers run out of ink, I can simply get new markers and the fun can continue. The book has been a perfect addition to our homeschool this fall!

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a Halloween-themed activity book that will provide your kiddos with hours of entertainment, I definitely recommend checking out Monster Magic from La ZOO. The affordably-priced 60-page hardback wipe-off book comes with four erasable markers. Children in preschool and older can enjoy making a pizza for a mummy and all sorts of other non-spooky monster fun. My two oldest kiddos love doing the activities over and over again. Monster Magic is a new autumn-favorite in The Parenting Patch household!

Purchase Monster Magic on Amazon via my affiliate link.

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