Ideas for Decorating Windows with Holiday Spirit

Ideas for Decorating Windows with Holiday Spirit

If you love the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays, then you can add some seasonal style to the windows in your home with these holiday window decorating ideas. Whether you have a small or large budget to work with, you can easily decorate your windows with colorful ornamentation and lights that capture the feel and spirit of each holiday.

Halloween Windows

Glowing Halloween Pumpkin BagsWhen dressing your windows with Halloween decorations, you have many options available for creating a spooky and eye-catching display. Consider these ideas when planning a Halloween window decorating theme:

  • Purchase some reusable window clings in the shapes of pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, black cats, and Halloween candies. Stick the clings on your windows in a pattern of your choosing. Picture windows and windows on doors make especially good canvases for window clings.
  • Make or buy scarecrow, ghost, or witch figurines. Attach these Halloween decorations to your windows or windowsills to create a festive look.
  • Hang strands of small orange lights and shiny paper banners with slogans such as “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” in your windows.
  • If you have wide windowsills, use the sill to place small plastic or ceramic jack o’ lantern with electric lighting in your windows. You can also decorate your windowsills with orange and black electric candles or lighted ghost figurines. For windows without wide sills, use small tables to prop up lighted decorations.

Thanksgiving Windows

Colorful CornThanksgiving is a holiday that many people associate with warm family gatherings and traditional fall colors. If you wish to add Thanksgiving decorations to your windows, then use these ideas for inspiration:

  • Place small pumpkins, gourds, ears of multi-colored corn, and other harvest foods on your windowsills. Decorate the window glass with colored paper cornucopias.
  • Hang paper turkeys with brightly-colored feathers (either handmade or store-bought) in your windows.
  • Set unlit glass jar candles with a strong fall scent on each windowsill in your home. Choose Thanksgiving-themed candles such as Cranberry Chutney, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Cider, Cinnamon Stick, Fall Festival, and Leaves
  • Hang a “Happy Thanksgiving” banner in your window. Surround the banner with leaf window clings in a variety of colors.

Christmas Windows

Santa Claus at the WindowDuring the Christmas season, many people like to decorate their front windows with twinkling lights. You can expand upon this concept by using Christmas window decorations such as the following:

  • Hang or drape garland adorned with bows, cloth poinsettia flowers, or plastic candies around the borders of your windows and across the windowsills.
  • Hang the small decorated wreaths in the center of your windows using suction hooks.
  • Set candelabras filled with tall unlit candles in red, green, or white or electric candle with bubble lights on windowsills.
  • Tape crepe or tissue paper reindeer, Santa Clauses, Christmas trees, candy canes, and other symbols of the holiday to your windows for people to enjoy. Or, instead of taping paper decorations to the glass, buy Christmas-themed window clings.

These holiday window decorating ideas serve as a festive compliment to a Halloween home decorating theme, a Thanksgiving home decorating theme, and a Christmas home decorating theme. For even more elaborate holiday decorations, try decorating each window of your house with a different theme. The process of decorating windows for the holidays is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Children especially will love selecting items and helping to set up a window display. The finished result will encourage a sense of holiday spirit in everyone who passes by your home!

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