‘No Yeti Yet’ Book Review

'No Yeti Yet' Book Review

As my readers know, I am an avid reader of children’s books. My two children and I spend time reading together almost every day. I check out many of our books from the library, but my kiddos have also amassed quite the little home library. Because one can never have enough books, I eagerly accepted the chance to review the upcoming No Yeti Yet by Mary Ann Fraser when recently offered the opportunity by Peter Pauper Press.


No Yeti Yet by Mary Ann FraserMary Ann Fraser is the author of over sixty critically acclaimed books for children including Heebie-Jeebie Jamboree, a copy of which my daughter won last Halloween. Fraser grew up in a home with few books but visited the local library often, especially during the summer. She began crafting her own books in second grade. Currently residing in Southern California, Fraser is a long-standing member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), serves as the regional advisor for the Central-Coastal California region, is a founding member of the Children’s Author’s Network! (CAN!), and belongs to the California Reading Association.


No Yeti Yet, the newest title from Mary Ann Fraser and published by Peter Pauper Press arrives in September 2015 at the retail price of $16.99. The title is available from Amazon and other booksellers. The price is comparable to other children’s picture books of similar length.


Recommended for readers between the ages of 4 and 8, No Yeti Yet follows two brothers who set out into the snowy terrain outside their farm house in search of a yeti. The older brother leads the adventure as the younger one asks a lot of questions. The story is told through the dialogue between the two siblings, which contains language appropriate for the recommended age group. Visually, a larger font distinguishes the older brother’s speech from the younger brother’s, making the conversation easy to follow. I usually prefer narrative to dialogue in my picture books, but the fast pace of the text and the word play on yeti/yet makes No Yeti Yet a fun read for younger readers. I have already read the book aloud to my daughter a few times, and I no doubt will read this title again and again to both my kiddos over the coming years.


My favorite part of No Yeti Yet is the illustrations. Fraser uses bright colors on a blue and white snowy background, and her illustration style is slightly cartoonish with a touch of the whimsical.  As the two brothers head out on their yeti hunt, the fluffy snow creature appears hidden throughout the pages of the book. Children and adults alike will delight in finding the friendly yeti, which bears a strong visual resemblance to the Abominable Snow Creature of the North from the holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I additionally find myself pouring over the smallest details in the pictures on each page. With each reading, I discover new details, which prompt me to read No Yeti Yet to my children again and again.

Final Verdict

No Yeti Yet by Mary Ann Fraser is a new favorite read in The Parenting Patch household. Written for children between the ages of 4 and 8, the book offers the story of two brothers who head out into a wintery world on a yeti hunt as told through the boys’ dialogue. The illustrations are what make the book so fantastic. With the yeti hidden throughout the pictures, young and old alike will delight in pouring over the pages of the book. I highly recommend No Yeti Yet as a fun addition to any home library to read and reread!

Cover of No Yeti Yet Inside Pages of No Yeti Yet

For more information, visit the No Yeti Yet page of the Mary Ann Fraser website. You can purchase No Yeti Yet from Amazon via my affiliate link.

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