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  • Beets, Beet Greens, and Carrots Baby Food 1

    Baby Food Recipes: Beets, Beet Greens, and Carrots

    My daughter is still a fan of homemade baby food once or twice a day. I like that I can ensure she gets all the nutrients that she needs for her growing body by offering her a mixture of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Making homemade baby food is also incredibly easy. I […] More

  • Carrot, Pea, and Cucumber Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Carrots, Peas, and Cucumbers

    Homemade baby food is super simple to prepare. Making your own baby food at home is also cheaper than buying commercial baby foods. Homemade baby food is often healthier than store bought varieties. Babies often prefer homemade food because the flavors are more intense than the much blander commercial foods. For my daughter, I started […] More

  • Carrot and Avocado Baby Food Cubes

    Baby Food Recipes: Carrots and Avocado

    My toddler daughter is still a huge fan of homemade baby food. Although I have made most of her food starting at six months when she first tried solid food, my daughter never really liked the little bit of store bought baby food that I bought her. Making my own baby food is so easy […] More