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  • Pregnant Woman Sitting on Exercise Ball

    Exercise Balls Reduce Labor Time and Cesarean Sections

    Women — including women with an epidural — who use a peanut-shaped exercise ball during labor give birth more quickly and are half as likely to undergo a cesarean section than women who do not use the ball, says a new study by nurse researchers at Banner Health published in the Journal of Perinatal Education. […] More

  • Natural Childbirth

    Natural Childbirth May Boost the Immune System

    Previous studies have concluded that the gut bacteria of babies born vaginally differs from the gut bacteria of babies born via cesarean section. Now a new study by researchers from the University of Copenhagen as published in the Journal of Immunology indicates that natural birth provides a boost to the immune system. Using a mouse […] More

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    C-section Babies at Increased Risk of Obesity as Adults

    In the United States in 2011, the Cesarean (C-section) delivery rate was 32.8 percent, accounting for the births of nearly 1.3 million babies. Although the majority of C-sections are performed when unexpected problems occur during labor and birth, some women choose to deliver via Cesarean despite an absence of problems. Now a new study from […] More

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    Cesarean Section Delivery Linked to Childhood Obesity

    A new study published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood has linked childhood obesity to cesarean sections. The Boston-based study followed 1,250 pregnant women from the time of conception through the third birthday of their children. The study found that 15.7 percent of children delivered by cesarean section had developed childhood obesity while […] More