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  • Paper Plate Elephant Craft

    Paper Plate Elephant Craft

    Making crafts is a great way to engage little learners. For our lesson on the letter E, my daughter and I made an adorably simple paper plate elephant. Materials Paper plate Colored paper Wiggle eyes Paint Paintbrush Scissors Glue Directions Paint the paper plate. Cut the colored paper into a triangle, two rectangles, a semicircle, […] More

  • E Is for Elephant Handprint Craft

    E Is for Elephant Handprint Craft

    E if for elephant! Help your toddler learn about the letter E by making a fun elephant handprint craft. Materials Gray, pink, and black nontoxic paint Blank paper Paper plate or scrap cardboard Cotton ball Cotton swab or paintbrush Instructions Pour some gray paint onto the cardboard. Use a cotton ball to spread a thin […] More

  • Cover of Elmer and the Rainbow

    More Favorite ‘Elmer’ Books

    After reading about half of the Elmer books from my library, my toddler daughter still wanted more. She had fallen in love with the patchwork elephant. Never one to deny books from a child, I headed to my local library and requested all the other Elmer books in the David McKee series that I could […] More

  • Cover of Elmer's New Friend

    Our Favorite ‘Elmer’ Board Books

    My toddler daughter loves Elmer the patchwork elephant. In addition to reading many of the regular Elmer books by David McKee, she and I have also read a number of the Elmer board books. Here are some of our favorites. Elmer’s Day (1994) Follow Elmer the patchwork through his day from waking up in the […] More

  • Cover of Elmer

    Our Favorite ‘Elmer’ Books

    My toddler daughter recently fell in love with the Elmer books by David McKee. I first brought home Elmer in the Snow for her to read during Christmastime. She immediately took a shine to the patchwork elephant and his adventures. Here are some of our favorite Elmer books. Elmer (1968) Elmer (1968) is the first […] More