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  • Paper Plate Elephant Craft

    Making crafts is a great way to engage little learners. For our lesson on the letter E, my daughter and I...

    BlogHeather JohnsonJune 29, 2015
  • E Is for Elephant Handprint Craft

    E if for elephant! Help your toddler learn about the letter E by making a fun elephant handprint craft. Materials Gray,...

    BlogHeather JohnsonJuly 10, 2014
  • The Duck and the Elephant Statue: The Rubber Ducky Project Week 25

    Image Credits The Duck and the Elephant Statue © 2014 Heather Johnson

    BlogHeather JohnsonJune 21, 2014
  • More Favorite ‘Elmer’ Books

    After reading about half of the Elmer books from my library, my toddler daughter still wanted more. She had fallen in...

    BlogHeather JohnsonMarch 18, 2014
  • Our Favorite ‘Elmer’ Board Books

    My toddler daughter loves Elmer the patchwork elephant. In addition to reading many of the regular Elmer books by David McKee,...

    BlogHeather JohnsonMarch 10, 2014
  • Our Favorite ‘Elmer’ Books

    My toddler daughter recently fell in love with the Elmer books by David McKee. I first brought home Elmer in the...

    BlogHeather JohnsonMarch 3, 2014
  • Baby Sign Language: Elephant

    Teach your baby the sign for the word elephant in baby sign language with the following description and video. Elephant Form...

    Baby Sign LanguageHeather JohnsonJuly 10, 2013