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  • How to Make Colored Decorating Sugar
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    How to Make Colored Decorating Sugar

    I love baking during the holidays. Many of my favorite cookie recipes including my rolled sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, red velvet blossoms, molasses crinkles, sinfully cinnamon cookies, candy cane blossoms, peppermint sugar cookies, and gummy bear thumbprint sugar cookies call for colored decorating or sanding sugar for a more festive look. Regularly priced, colored […] More

  • Tips for Saving Money on Disposable Diapers

    Tips for Saving Money on Disposable Diapers

    I have been diapering my children for almost six years now. I started with disposables on my daughter but switched to cloth diapers full time when she was around three months old. With my son, I began using cloth but started using disposables part time during our eight months of travels back and forth from […] More

  • Making the Switch to Family Cloth: Frugal Frida

    Making the Switch to Family Cloth: Frugal Friday

    When I first read about using family cloth in “What’s the Deal with Family Cloth?” from Maman Loup’s Den last year, my initial reaction was, “Heck, no!” Why would I want to wash and reuse cloth wipes for the family toilet when I had perfectly good toilet paper? Then I started thinking. I already used […] More

  • Upcycled Cloth Napkins

    Upcycled Cloth Napkins: Frugal Friday

    To reduce my use of toxic chemicals in my home, I have switched to white vinegar for my daily cleaning needs in my kitchen. Not only is vinegar safer than conventional cleaning solutions, but using vinegar also helps keep the ants that invade my kitchen every summer at bay. Plus, I can safely keep the […] More

  • Homemade Rice Bowl

    Make Your Own Chipotle Rice Bowl: Frugal Friday

    I love getting a rice bowl at Chipotle. However, eating out all the time starts to get expensive. So, when I was recently craving a rice bowl, I decided to make my own using ingredients that I already had at home. The best part of a Chipotle rice bowl is the cilantro lime rice. Since […] More

  • Food

    Frugal Friday Tips to Save Money on Food

    My wife, Heather, and I have figured out a few tricks to help us save money on food. Our two biggest money wasters in terms of food came from eating out a lot and throwing away food that had gone bad. Other little things we were doing were also costing us money that could be […] More

  • Window Curtains

    Instructions for Making Your Own Curtains: Frugal Friday

    Curtains are traditional decorations for windows that also provide privacy from the outside world as well as insulate the inside of a home from exterior temperatures. Making your own curtains is easy with these simple Frugal Friday instructions on how to make curtains. Unlike complicated curtains that require fancy pulls, self-designed curtains are basically just […] More