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  • Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap

    Common Antibacterial Compound Triclosan Linked to Developmental and Reproductive Issues

    A new study presented Sunday at the American Chemical Society annual meeting in San Francisco suggests that contact with common antibacterial compounds like triclosan may cause developmental and reproductive issues. Researchers have found that the antibacterial compound triclosan was found in all urine samples of tested pregnant women while another compound known as triclocarban appeared in more than […] More

  • Cucumber Soup

    Vitamin E in Soup Could Reduce Risk of Asthma

    According to an upcoming study conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen, pregnant women who eat soup containing ingredients with high levels of vitamin E could lower the risk of developing asthma in their children. In previous studies, children born to mothers whose pregnancy diets are low in vitamin E have an increased chance […] More