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  • Reasons for Delaying Feeding Babies Solid Foods: The Open Gut

    Reasons for Delaying Feeding Babies Solid Foods: The Open Gut

    At what age should a parent or other caregiver introduce solid foods to a baby? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), human infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life. Complimentary food should not be introduced until after six months. Breastfeeding should then continue for two years or beyond. Parents […] More

  • Natural Childbirth

    Natural Childbirth May Boost the Immune System

    Previous studies have concluded that the gut bacteria of babies born vaginally differs from the gut bacteria of babies born via cesarean section. Now a new study by researchers from the University of Copenhagen as published in the Journal of Immunology indicates that natural birth provides a boost to the immune system. Using a mouse […] More

  • Colored Syringes

    New Vaccine Method Boosts Immune Response

    Although using killed or weakened viruses works effectively for many vaccines, the method does not work for all diseases. Now researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a method that delivers the vaccine directly to the lymph nodes in the body. Lymph nodes are oval-shaped organs of the lymphatic system that are distributed […] More

  • Baby Eating Bread

    A Baby-Led Approach to Introducing Solid Food

    As my daughter approaches her four-month birthday, I have been hearing more and more about starting her on solid foods. Whether it is from well-meaning women my mother’s age telling me a little bit of rice cereal in her bottle will help my daughter sleep through the night or my mom friends enthusiastically asking when […] More