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  • Dresser with Bottom Drawers Open

    An Almost Accident and the Importance of Anchoring Furniture

    Is the furniture in your home secure? I recently shared a number of baby-proofing solutions that help keep my home safer despite the curiosity that comes with two young children. In addition to covering electrical outlets and locking cabinets full of dangerous household products, I also made sure that no furniture could tip and crush […] More

  • Baby-Proofing Tips: Making Your Home Safer

    Baby-Proofing Tips: Making Your Home Safer

    Home may be where the heart is, but the typical family house is filled with potential dangers for young children. When you’ve got all the exciting stuff out of the way such as designing the nursery using things like peel and stick wallpaper, baby crib, nappy changing area, and everything else, it’s time to get […] More

  • Little Boy Crying

    Parenting a Major Factor for Children Falling at Home

    Children love to climb! My own daughter quickly and easily scales the furniture in my home. However, with climbing comes the risk of falling. And, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, parenting plays a major factor for falls at home: Parents of children who fall from furniture are less likely […] More

  • Boys on Toy Bike

    Toy-Related Injuries Increase in United States

    With Christmas just weeks away, many shoppers are searching for that perfect toy to give as a gift. However, a new study warns gift givers to take caution when buying toys: A child is treated for a toy-related injury every three minutes in the United States. As published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, the study […] More