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  • Language Is Arbitrary

    Language Is Arbitrary

    Language is arbitrary. I recently stated that language is arbitrary on Twitter in response to the erroneous claim that language is a code. Language is not a code because language is arbitrary. When I state that language is arbitrary, I often receive bewildered and sometimes disdainful replies such as (1) English is 80% predictable, (2) […] More

  • 'Language': An Authority in Linguistics

    ‘Language’: An Authority in Linguistics

    Language is the scholarly journal published by the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), which is a professional group for linguists founded in 1924 whose stated mission is to advance the field of linguistics, the scientific study of language (LSA: Publications; LSA: About LSA). Currently edited by Gregory N. Carlson of the Department of Linguistics at […] More

  • '¡Hola! Let's Learn Spanish' Book Review

    ‘¡Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish’ Book Review

    My daughter started learning Spanish in September through a college for kids language program at a local university. I studied the language in high school and then for two semesters as an undergraduate. However, I wanted to start my kids younger for a better chance at acquisition. Learning a second language at a younger age […] More

  • Baby Sign Language: All Done
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    Baby Sign Language: All Done

    In addition to asking for more, babies also need to be able to signal being finished. Using the sign for the phrase all done helps parents and preverbal babies communicate, especially during mealtime. Teach your baby the sign for the word more in baby sign language with the following description and video. Use your dominant […] More

  • Baby Sign Language: More
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    Baby Sign Language: More

    Babies often want more of something but do not yet have the words to ask for more. The sign for the word more is an extremely useful sign to teach preverbal babies. I was able to understand my infant cousin, who also used baby sign language, when he asked for more food using the more […] More

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