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  • Boys on Toy Bike

    Toy-Related Injuries Increase in United States

    With Christmas just weeks away, many shoppers are searching for that perfect toy to give as a gift. However, a new study warns gift givers to take caution when buying toys: A child is treated for a toy-related injury every three minutes in the United States. As published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, the study […] More

  • Lawn Mower Safety: Keep the Kids Inside

    Lawn Mower Safety: Keep the Kids Inside

    The best rule in terms of lawn mower safety and children is to keep the kids inside and away from the mower. I recently shared a post on my Facebook page about a little girl named Ella Rose who was almost killed when she was run over by a ride-on lawn mower. She lost her […] More

  • Four Parenting Choices That Matter

    Four Parenting Choices That Matter

    As parents, we all want what is best for our children and what will help them grow up happy, healthy, and whole. Throughout parenting, we will be faced with choices on how to raise our children, and which strategies you use will ultimately determine how your child turns out. Make sure to consider safety as […] More