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  • Books You Gotta Read: Age 4

    Books You Gotta Read: Age 4

    Are you looking for books to share with your 4-year-old? I began compiling this list of books when my children were 8, 5, and 2. We are a homeschooling family. I put a lot of emphasis on reading. In addition to more formal reading lessons, my oldest also must read 2.5 hours on her own […] More

  • Winter Snowflake Wreath Craft

    Winter Snowflake Wreath Craft

    Winter is my second favorite season of the year right after fall. I love the cold weather and the snow. Unfortunately, my neck of the woods has not been blessed with much snow yet this year. I am also absolutely obsessed with making wreaths for each season of the year to hang around my house. […] More

  • Puffy Snow Paint Craft

    Puffy Snow Paint Craft

    My kids and I have been having a blast the past few weeks making winter crafts. I have always loved painting. To share my hobby with my daughter while doing a winter-themed project, she and I recently made snow scenes using homemade puffy snow paint. Materials White glue Shaving cream Glitter Blue construction paper Plastic […] More

  • 'Snow' Book Review

    ‘Snow’ Book Review

    I love winter. I also love snow. So while putting books away at my library the other day, I absolutely had to sit down and read Snow by Uri Shulevitz. Not only was the title one of my favorite parts of winter (snow) but the illustration on the cover was also whimsical and fun. I […] More