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  • Smile Brilliant Ventures LED Teeth Whitening Giveaway

    About Smile Brilliant Ventures LED Teeth Whitening

    The LED teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant Ventures is perfect for individuals who want great tooth whitening results but are on a budget. Competitively priced when compared to popular whitening strips sold at local stores, the Smile Brilliant LED teeth whitening system is far more effective due to a 22% carbamide peroxide tooth whitening […] More

  • Teeth in Male Mouth

    Scientists Finally Discover Why Fluoride Prevents Tooth Decay

    Scientists have spent the last five decades trying to figure out why fluoride added to drinking water and oral-care products prevents tooth decay, and they may finally have a two-part answer. A new study published in the ACS journal Langumir used artificial teeth constructed of hydroxyapatite to test the effects of fluoride. Unlike previous materials, […] More

  • Permanent Teeth Eruption Schedule

    Permanent Teeth Eruption Schedule

    Just as the eruption of the baby teeth follows a general schedule, the secondary teeth also usually erupt through the gums in a predictable order. Secondary teeth, which are more commonly referred to as adult teeth or permanent teeth, replace the twenty-baby teeth that a child gets during the first few years of life. In […] More

  • Baby Teething Schedule

    Baby Teething Schedule

    Although each child cuts teeth at unique times, all babies roughly follow the same teething schedule. Primary teeth, or baby teeth, usually erupt through the gums in a predictable order. In general, baby teeth will come in for most children during the following age ranges: 6 to 10 months: Two lower central incisors (bottom front) […] More

  • Pacifier Dummy

    Pacifier Use in Early Childhood: Conclusions in Relation to Breastfeeding, SIDS, Infection, and Dental Malocclusion

    Many new parents debate the use of a pacifier in infants and young children. Health care providers often provide little assistance; as many nurses, midwives, and doctors recommend the use of pacifiers as do not. The following information on best practices provides an overview of the research findings, implications, and recommendations for pacifier use in […] More