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    ‘Turkey Daze’ Book Review

    'Turkey Daze' Book Review

    My kiddos and I love reading tons of seasonal books in preparation for each holiday. As Thanksgiving approaches, my daughter and I have been reading piles of books about turkeys. When recently offered the chance to review Turkey Daze written by Nicole Lenzini and illustrated by Tommy Durham in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to add a new title to my home library. The 32-page paperback book currently costs $12.99 on Amazon.


    Turkey Daze is a comical Thanksgiving story that shares the plight of a child who looks forward to her favorite holiday all year long. She loves Thanksgiving because of all the delicious food, especially the turkey. But when she wakes up the next day after overeating, she finds herself in a turkey daze after discovering all the leftover turkey. When the Thanksgiving excitement ends and the never-ending leftovers begin, what is a kid to do?


    “Of all the holidays there are, Thanksgiving is the best by far! Some like presents. Some like eggs. Me? I like big turkey legs!” begins Turkey Daze. Perfect for preschoolers through older readers, the book features a super fun rhymed text. Rhymes are great for language development in young children. My toddler son loves hearing m read the story aloud, and my daughter enjoys listening to and reading the book. To be honest, I also enjoy reading rhymed texts a little more than regular books. Rhymes simply make reading out loud a little bit more fun!

    The text of Turkey Daze is perfect for early readers on up. My kindergartener daughter, who has been reading for about nine months on her own now, can read pretty much the entire book by herself without any help. Both my kids love hearing me read the story aloud. When I read the book out loud for the first time, my toddler son sat next to me the entire reading. I also find reading the Thanksgiving tale aloud quite fun.

    Both my children also really like the illustrations in Turkey Daze, which help bring the story to life. My son loves pointing out familiar foods on each page. He especially likes the picture of the girl carrying the plate full of Thanksgiving food. My daughter also likes the pictures because she is super excited for Thanksgiving this year. I like that the illustrations are drawn in a more comical style, which reflects the hilarity of the story.

    Cover of 'Turkey Daze' Title Page of 'Turkey Daze'

    Inside Pages of 'Turkey Daze' 1 Inside Pages of 'Turkey Daze' 2

    Final Verdict

    If you are searching for a funny book to read this Thanksgiving, my kids and I definitely recommend checking out Turkey Daze written by Nicole Lenzini and illustrated by Tommy Durham. The book offers a comical story about the plight of a child who looks forward to her favorite holiday all year long — until she realizes the seemingly never ending leftovers that await her. The rhymed text is perfect for preschoolers through older readers, and my kids and I all enjoy the comical illustrations. Turkey Daze is an excellent addition to any Thanksgiving book list.

    Purchase Turkey Daze on Amazon via my affiliate link. Also check out the book on Facebook.

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