‘Arnold the Brave’ Book Review

'Arnold the Brave' Book Review

My kids love exciting stories about bravery, and I love the message that books about being brave send to my children. When recently offered the chance to review Arnold the Brave written by Gundi Herget with illustrations by Nikolai Renger from Peter Pauper Press in exchange for my honest opinion, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to add a new title to my home library.


Born in 1970, author Gundi Herget studied German and Comparative Literature at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and the Università di Pisa. She completed an editorial traineeship and currently works as an editor for various publishers in the fields of business, women’s entertainment, and travel. She is a passionate drummer and globetrotter who loves traveling especially to sheep-filled meadows. After becoming a mother to a son in 2009, she discovered her loved for children’s books. She recently published the two picture books.

Born in Karlsruhe, illustrator Nikolai Renger studied Visual Communication at the University of Pforzheim at the HFG in Pforzheim. He works as an illustrator for different publishing houses and agencies and has worked at the Atelier Remise in Karlsruhe since 2013.


Recommended for readers between the ages of 4 and 8 in preschool through third grade, Arnold the Brave tells the story of Arnold, a super brave super sheep! While most sheep spend each day slowly grazing in the meadows, Arnold is not like most sheep. He exercises and conditions himself to stay in shape. The rest of the sheep find his antics humorous and urge him to slow down, but Arnold knows that danger could lurk just around the corner. Then one day with just a little teeny-tiny help from his best friend, Milo the mole, Arnold gets his chance to reveal his braveness and show the other sheep that he is indeed a super sheep. The 32-page full-color hardcover picture book with dust jacket currently costs $14.99 on Amazon with a list price of $16.99. Teachers and homeschoolers can download a free Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide for Arnold the Brave.

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“Most sheep spend their days grazing in green meadows … all except Arnold. He’s not like most sheep.” Arnold truly is unlike most sheep. My children love reading about his antics and love the idea of a super sheep who runs, boxes, and trains daily to stay in tip-top shape. Arnold is unique, and I love the message that his character sends to my young readers. When a wolf shows up in the meadow one day, Arnold refuses to back down or run for help. Bravely, he faces the danger with a little help from his little friend Milo. The two lessons that the story teaches are incredibly valuable: To be brave and that being brave sometimes requires the help of friends. I definitely do not mind reading Arnold the Brave aloud to my kids over and over again.

My oldest daughter has been reading on her own for over two and a half years. She is currently doing second grade level work, and she can easily read Arnold the Brave without any help. My preschooler also enjoy listening to me and his big sister read the story to him, and my infant likes when I read the book out loud. In addition to the story, I also quite enjoy the illustrations. The pictures are bright and colorful and really bring the story to life. My kids especially enjoy looking at the antics of the brave and unique Arnold. My family and I give this book many enthusiastic thumbs up!

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a book about bravery, definitely check out Arnold the Brave written by Gundi Herget and illustrated by Nikolai Renger from Peter Pauper Press. Recommended for readers in preschool through third grade, the book tells the story of a super sheep named Arnold who is not like most other sheep: He stands up to danger with bravery — and a little help from a friend. The illustrations are bright and colorful. My kiddos and I highly recommend picking up a copy of Arnold the Brave!

Purchase Arnold the Brave on Amazon via my affiliate link.

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