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    Finding Convenient Insurance with the Jenny Life Insurance App

    Thank you to Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark for partnering on the following sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

    Finding Convenient Insurance with the Jenny Life Insurance App

    As a mom of three young children, I worry about the financial security of my family should something unimaginable happen to me. My husband works outside the home while I am the primary caregiver for our children. I also homeschool, so my untimely death would be an immediate burden on my husband and children. I have previously looked into purchasing life insurance and found the process quite annoying and tedious. Luckily for me, Jenny Life offers the convenience of using an app to get insurance coverage directly from my phone.

    Built with time-starved women and mothers in mind, Jenny Life is the first instant decision life insurance app that does not require a health exam. Simply start by downloading the free mobile app for iOS or Android to your phone. (You can also drop your phone number on the Jenny Life website to receive a text with a link to the app.) Then upload a photo of your driver’s license and get instant coverage up to $300,000 from an A-rated insurance carrier that fits your goals, family, and budget starting at just $5 per month. As a busy mother who already juggles a hectic schedule, I love the Jenny Life requires no office visits, paperwork, health exams, blood tests, urine samples, or waiting period.

    Time is precious for mothers. I do not have time to shop for insurance, fill out paperwork, schedule health screenings and blood work, and deal with potential denials for coverage, especially during the day when my kiddos are awake and active. As a new app on the market that seeks to make purchasing life insurance easier for moms everywhere, Jenny Life makes getting a life insurance quote any time of the day super easy and efficient. Says co-founder Chirag Pancholi, “Moms can’t live carefree. Your whole life is built around caring. We’re making it easier for you to care.”

    To learn more, visit the Jenny Life Insurance website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo.

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