How to Make a Crocheted Baby Toy from Leftover Blanket Squares

Before my daughter was born, I finished crocheting a blanket for her that I had been working on for years. The blanket consisted of crocheted squares that I then crocheted together to form the blanket. Over the years, I had not paid attention to the number of squares that I had made. As a result, I had a handful of squares leftover that I did not use for the blanket.

While I was pondering the best way in which to use up those extra crochet squares, the thought crossed my mind that I could attach six leftovers squares together to form a cube. After using some pretty yarn to form a cube, I used the stuffing from inside an old pillow to stuff the cube. Using leftover and recycled materials, I made my daughter a fun toddler toy. At the moment, she likes to carry the cube around. She also likes to lay on the crocheted cube as if the toy were a pillow. She has also figured out how to toss her new toy over her baby gates, thus creating a fun game of pick-up for her to play with Mommy.

Baby toys can be expensive. However, most babies like to play with anything and everything. Therefore, if you find yourself with six extra crochet squares on your hands, then you too can make a fun toddler cube toy with repurposed materials.

Crochet Squares

Crocheted Cube

Crocheted Cube Baby Toy

Have you ever made a toy for your child from recycled or leftover materials? Also be sure to check out my post on making a sensory bottle from an old soda bottle.

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Crochet Squares © 2012 Heather Johnson
Crocheted Cube © 2012 Heather Johnson
Crocheted Cube Baby Toy © 2013 Heather Johnson

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